The Aria - A Screenplay

In recognition of awards season please enjoy a series of our screenplays. 

Fade in

Our heroine, FIN, is seen sleeping at the foot of the big bed. She is sandwiched between two large shapes wrapped in blankets. FIN stretches sweetly as she wakes up from her nap. FIN moves to MOM's head and gently taps Mom on the face with her paw.

FIN (sweetly): May I have your tickets please?

Mom (groggy and grumpy): What?!? You can forget it. I am not getting up to feed you - and don't even start with that mewing business!!

FIN (under breath, but amiably): Okay for you the performance will be free tonight.

FIN leaps down from the bed in slow mo, and moves to the doorway to the hallway. FIN is illuminated by the nightlights. The screen morphs with wavy lines to indicate a dream sequence is beginning. The scene is transformed as the lovely FIN is shown on a stage with a spot light on her.

FIN (tuning her vocal instrument): Mew, mew, mew, mew, meeew.

MOM (crabbily): Oh here we go again!

FIN is encouraged by the shout of glee from the audience. A white cape is thrown from the audience which lands on FIN's shoulders. FIN shrugs as the cape sweeps over her shoulders dramatically.

FIN sings for three minutes. The aria includes many variations on meow including Mew, Merr and the very popular Ra-ow. FIN completes her operatic aria and the crowd begins to throw roses at her feet. FIN clears her throat and begins her encore.

Cut to a pillow camera shot, as a small decorative pillow sails through the air towards our plucky heroine FIN. We see FIN smartly avoid the pillow by stepping to the side.

The dream sequence ends as we see darling FIN standing in the hallway surrounded by socks, a pillow, and a small towel on her shoulders. FIN lays down under the towel as her eyes sparkle (with enhanced computer graphics). FIN rests her darling head on the pillow for a nap.

Fade Out


  1. Didja get fed? If not, then an encore is in order!

  2. *applauding wildly* BRAVO! BARVO! Beautifully done!

  3. Fade in
    scene of jollity and much mirth :)))
    Fade out

  4. Bravo Fin - beautifully orchestrated as usual.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Encore! Encore! Bravo Fin!
    Mum says that sounds a lot like my 3am performance, but I have to perform mine as loud as I can to try and let the horses in the stables enjoy it too.

  6. PS
    That was me, Flynn. Eric only has a tiny little mew.

  7. Great performance Fin. We love to hear about your singing. Well done. You also gave your Mom lots of exercise throwing all those wonderful objects at you. Take care all of you.

  8. ... if we were American we would be your Cheer Leaders...! but as we are English, we are paw clapping... Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx