The Ball Menace

Fade In

FIN is seen in profile, lying in the dimly lit living room. Her head is resting on her front paws. She stares intently, and warily, at an object just out of camera view. Camera pulls out to reveal THE BALL (a ball toy cage made of green plastic which holds a shiny, menacing bell at it's dark and evil heart). It sits directly in front of our heroine.

FIN rolls onto her back as she pretends to ignore it. After a few moments FIN twists her head to look at THE BALL as it mocks her with it's silent taunts. FIN flips suddenly to face THE BALL, and it doesn't back down. FIN reaches out gracefully with her paw and almost touches it, but suddenly she leaps up and saunters towards the mouth of the hallway.

FIN thoughtfully listens for the sounds of her sleeping parents (Cue sound effect of very loud snoring). She is pleased her family is safe. She looks at THE BALL with disinterest, but as she turns her head back to the camera we see the glint of mayhem in her eyes. FIN saunters casually past THE BALL and tucks quickly behind a cabinet.

Cut to THE BALL in the foreground and FIN in the background. FIN settles into a crouch and wiggles her hind quarters as she prepares for a vicious attack. FIN pounces in slow mo. THE BALL is helpless as it's caught in her ferocious bite (cue sound effect of the screaming tinkle of its jingle bell).

FIN stops mid-kill as she turns towards her sleeping parents (Cue sound effect of their snoring disrupted). FIN drops THE BALL and covers it with her paws to silence it's evil screaming. FIN wiggles her upper body to disorient it and whaps it hardly. THE BALL rolls swiftly towards the hall and the sleeping parents beyond.

THE BALL (loudly and menacingly): Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle

FIN races after THE BALL as it rolls towards her family. FIN throws herself on it, just as it makes a final break for the bedroom. FIN whaps THE BALL and it rolls in terror back to its living room lair. FIN curls up in the hallway corner, still vigilant and wary of another attack. Her parents snore loudly, blissfully unaware of the danger they've been rescued from.

Fade Out


  1. Fin, I think you should have let that evil ball make MORE noise just to let your humans know the danger you averted!

  2. Brave Fin! All hail the conquering heroine! You deserve exrta treats for that!

  3. MOL MOL MOL MOL MOL!!! Wish it was like that here. Princeton whaps it against the baseboards and across the wood floors like a life-size pinball machine! All that is missing are the flashing lights.

  4. Brilliant ans nothing quite like the sound of a jingle ball in the night MOl... Hugs GJ xx

  5. Parents saved just in the nick of time!

  6. Oh! Me was just wiggling with anticipation reading about yous saving your peoples from the evil jingly ball! Me is in awe and bows to your superior skills!

  7. Well I sure had a ball reading all about it Fin!

  8. Fin, you are a heroine for saving your parents from the Evil Ball!

  9. Good job Fin keeping the ball under control.It almost took over but you stopped it in it's tracks. Well done Finny. Hope all of you have a safe and super Sunday.

  10. That evil ball must know it's days are numbered.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Thank COD you were there to save your parents from that Ball menace, brve Fin! :)