Out Of Darness - Repost

Fade In

Exterior dusk on the covered porch of a suburban home. Our heroine Fin is enjoying the sunset from one of the large flagstones that surround the porch. Mom is seated on the patio chair with a camera in her hand, as she calls out to Fin.

"Fin! Fiiiiinnnnyyy! Look this way, the light is perfect."

Fin rolls on her side to hide her face from the prying eyes of the Pawparazzi. We hear the sounds of nature as Fin tunes out all the distractions. Mom hears a phone ringing inside the house, as sweet Fin lounges peacefully.

"Come on Fin, let's go. I gotta get the phone. (No response from Fin) Fin! Whatever... come in when you're done."

On a split screen we see Mom chat on the phone, and sweet Fin enjoy the last moments of sunlight. Mom, distracted by the call and assuming Fin has come into the house, shuts the door. In the gathering dark, a cold breeze ruffles Fin's fur. She scoots to the door only to see it's been shut.

Fin (in an escalating tone): Mew! Meow! Meeee-ooooow!!

Mom is oblivious, even after she ends the call, and hears nothing. Dad arrives home and further distracts her. Fin runs from window to window as she meows mightily, but to no avail. Fin huddles in a ball with only her floof to keep her warm.

Close up to show the twinkle in the brave grannycat's eye. She carefully makes her way across the rocky terrain on the side of the house. A cold wind whips around Fin, as she lowers her graceful head and carries on. She hesitates at the front yard, as we see the huge distance she still has to cross. The door is foreboding, and there's no guarantee she'll be successful, if she's even able to reach it. She hesitates, and suddenly we hear a dog barking close by.She must carry on.

Fin moves swiftly across the desert tundra. She reaches the front door, and stands up on her back paws as she begins to paw the door with her front paws.


Cut to the inside as her family watches TV. Mom tilts her head, and lowers the sound.

"Do you hear something? Sounds like Fin..."

Cut back to Fin as she redoubles her efforts. She's so focused that she doesn't see the Evil Pomeranian walking along the sidewalk... but the Evil Pomeranian sees Fin. It heads up the yard towards our heroine. The Evil Pomeranian begins to growl softly and sweet Fin is frozen in her tracks. Fin's tail puffs as she whips around to face the danger. Just when it looks like all is lost, Mom throws open the door and scoops Fin into her arms.

"Poor Finny!! Will you forgive me? You're so smart and so brave to come to the front!!"

Fin is rewarded with snuggles as she turns to look out into the dark. She shivers at what could have happened.

Somewhere in the dark the Evil Pomerarnian growls.

Fade Out


  1. Meanwhile, bakhk at the ranch, our sweet Siberian heroine likhks her lips as she dreams of....


  2. Oh my gosh! What a brave brave kitty! I hope you were rewarded with lots and lots of treats and snuggles!

  3. How courageous of you to brave the desert tundra like that, Fin!

  4. I get shivvers just thinking of the danger you were in Finny....

  5. Oh My Cod! That was a close one. We were holdin our collective breaths as we waited to find out the outcome!

  6. Oh poor you, my brave SIF!!!

    Come and commiserate with me.

  7. Phew!!! That was scary! We were yelling to your mum to come to the door and rescue you from the EP.

  8. Our hearts were beating so fast when we were reading that Fin - thank goodness your Mom opened the door in the nick of time.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Oh my COD! That was so scary, Finny! We are so glad everything turned out okay, sweet girl.

  10. Could have been a nasty outcome sweet Fin!!! Darness is very scary ;)

  11. Oh Fin, that was very scary. We are so glad the Mom finally figured out where you were. Bad Mom. Just glad you were all right. Hope you have a super Sunday.

  12. Ohhh Fin! What a scary story, who knows what could have happened in the dark!!! So glad your mom heard you, thats true mom hearing for ya! :)

  13. Hi Fin, I just wanted to pop by and thank you for your blogoversary wishes :-) Wow that was a scary story!!!

  14. Be careful, lovely Finny!!...Happy week ahead, sweet friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki