Cat-A-Lympics - Procrastination

Jim: Well Friends, today the human at the H.C. is getting into the action!

Bob: Really Jim, cause it looks like she is just... watching Reality TV. Is that The Bachelor?

Jim: Yes it is Bob! What you're seeing is the Human Procrastination event.

Bob: Boy they are serious about anything being an event! I hear this event is hotly contested among human staff! Let's get right to the, er, inaction Jim.

Jim: It looks like the human is working on... It looks like it could be this very post Bob! This effort may get her disqualified...

Bob: Oh no Jim! She's a veteran at this sport! Looks like she switched to reading her pals blogs!

Jim: That was close Bob! But it looks like she's reached the end of her blog list. ::Whispers:: Will she get back to writing this post?

Jim: NO! She makes a quick adjustment in the internet browser, and it's the classic Ebay distractor!Seems there is some shopping to do!

Bob: This cat mom is taking it to the mat! I see she's dismounted the lounger and she's on her feet. Looks like it's a kitty snuggle with the boys and - is that a snack?

Jim: Yes Bob!! For herself and one for the kitts! Wait, she's re-mounting the lounger, and she's placing the laptop on her lap. I think this round may be over!

Bob: No Jim!! She's fighting back! She's picked up the Kindle!!

Jim: Oh Bob it looks like this procrastinator has met her match, the battery on the Kindle is dead!

Bob: That was a real claw biter Jim! Looks like the first Cat-A-Lympic post is going out!! I doubt this is the last we've seen of this seasoned competitor in these games!


  1. Great effort. Good luck in your next event.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Wow, I should have entered my human in this... except she was too busy playing iPhone solitaire to help me.

  3. It is truly magical to witness such a gifted procrasti-lete in action. We can't wait to see what the next event will be.

  4. oh NO! Dead kindle batteries'll do you in EVERY time!!

  5. MOL! Now this is one category the mom could compete in!

  6. Our human could compete in that event no problem! Well, one slight problem, mol. She was out of the running for it this morning when her computer monitor died and she had to use her phone to text her morning job so that they would know she wasn't able to get online! ;)

  7. Everyone else should pack up and go home, because no one can top that!

  8. Paws up for your mom, she's the champion ! Purrs

  9. Our Person would not have done well in this event either. We don't even have a kindle. Can't wait for the next event.Take care.

  10. The mom is a serious contender and not likely to be beaten.

  11. I hear there's a LOT of competition in this procrastination event.
    ; )

  12. Our humans have been practising this event together!!