Pet Pyschic

Mom here. A while back we left a comment on a pal's blog about a reading from a pet psychic from Psychic Source. They contacted us and asked if we wanted a free reading - and of course I did. Even though I think I know my boys very well, I always want to know that they are happy, healthy and well.I would say I am a believer, who is also skeptical.

Our reading was with the very talented Nancy. I sent pictures below of the boys ahead of time and dialed in to meet her. She was a very nice lady and we had a pleasant talk. So let's dive in...

Me? Handsome?
She said that Quill thinks he's the boss, but that he lets Greyson be in charge - or at least think he's in charge. She said he's very aware of things and that little things excite him (the boy loves his pipe cleaners and tiny bugs). He is a sweet boy, laid-back and even-tempered (Yep, that's my boy). He likes to light up a room and he thinks he's very handsome (okay I tell him both things all the time). He's a Momma's Boy and feels protected by me and protective of me. When people come to the house he feels like he needs to remain vigilant to protect me. She said he's very aware of what I say and often understands me. He is sensitive and doesn't like it when he is in trouble with me.

I like an adventure - close to home please.

She said that Greyson lost a sibling, a brother, from his litter. A brother he was very close to and wanted to protect but couldn't (sniff, sniff). When he met Quill he felt like he found his brother again. She said Greyson and the lost brother slept together (I wonder if that's why he always seeks Quill out when they sleep?). He too is very sensitive. He thinks he's right in most situations and is willing to stand up for what he believes. Greyson wants little adventures. He likes to escape (true-he tries everyday), but he would never run away because he loves us (very true). He also brings Quill out of his shell with his adventurous spirit. She thought he needed frequent challenges like new toys (Greyson did you bribe her?). Greyson likes attention from all of us.

Both boys love each other and they both feel very trusting of me. She sees nothing concerning with their health and thought they would live to be old kitties (Cod willing).

I couldn't resist asking if my sweet Finny was around us still. She pulled a Star card (my girl was a star) and that she sensed she was very much with me. She said Fin and I were soul mates. She said Fin is healthy now and happy knowing that we'll be together again someday. She would have been upset if we had another girl kitty, but she isn't jealous of the boys (I knew she was thwarting our efforts to get a girl!).

Overall I thought Nancy was extremely accurate. I was a little surprised about Quill being the leader. Certainly Greyson thinks he is - but I also think Quill realizes he could be leader if he wanted to be.

Nancy also sees positive job changes and a move for we humans within the year. Luckily the boys will be fine if we move as long as we all have each other... Sounds perfect to me.


  1. It sounds like you got a really good reading!

  2. That sounds like a really good reading!

  3. I think Nancy got your boys just PURRfectly...but no, you can't MOVE!!!

  4. Oh wow. That's really cool. ARE you going to move?

  5. Sounds like a good reading to us, too.
    It will be interesting to see if what she says holds true. Paws crossed.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Oh wow, that is amazing!! I wish we had pet psychics around here. It sounds like she really hit the nail on the head with her reading, and she sure was right about Angel Finn. She was a star.

  7. Nancy sure is making the rounds with her readings! We're glad you were happy with what she said!

  8. Sounds like a good reading to me. Don't know if I would want to do that. I am really skeptical. But the funny thing is good luck on her figuring out this gang here. Hope all of you have a great day.

  9. Very interesting. Mom won a reading on another blog from a different group/person. She has been corresponding with her, but the woman is very sick right now and wrote Mom this morning that she'd be back in touch when she's better. She is having a reading for Astrid, and we are anxious to find out what she has to say. Glad you thought your reading was accurate. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Well you can tell what our Mom thinks of the rest of us. Her entire reading was about Arty Mouse, but we guesses that is OK because the nice lady that did our reading said she was OK and coming home. But hey the rest of us have lots to say too. ~Socks, Scylla, Tuiren & Fenris

  11. Angel Fin is a star forever - no doubt about it. Your reading was wonderful!

  12. The Mum here is totally sceptical, but she did seem to get their personalities! However, things that can't be checked are up for grabs!! Interesting :)