Cat-A-Lympics - Wrestling

Jim: Well friends we're back with today's exciting event, Cat Wrestling.

Bob: So exciting Jim. Let's get right to the action. This round is between Quill and Greyson. I understand right before this event they were snuggling, and will be right after too.

Jim: Looks like Greyson has taken to the mat to begin the match in the prone position. Quill is starting from the classic seated position.

Bob: And Greyson taunts Quill with a raspberry! Quill rears up - he's not going to take that kind of conduct from his brother!

Jim: Quill has him pinned - but it looks like Greyson is using the classic Bunny-Kick maneuver!

Bob: Greyson taunts using Quill's signature move - the Back Paw Hold Off! Using Quill's own move against him, now you gotta love that fearless little cat's cheek!

Jim: Quill moves in and Greyson gives a kick to the head! Looks like things are getting heated. 

Jim: Quill is repositioning, but Greyson looks ready to strike...

Bob: Boom! Quill brings down the hammer! Greyson! Greyson are you okay?

Greyson: Yes Bob I'm fine!

Jim: ::Covers Mic:: Bob you can't disturb the cathletes like that...
Bob: Right, right... Quill is going for the Back Paw Nibble! Is that legal?

Jim: Remember Bob there are No Rules in these games!

Jim: OHHH! Greyson gets in a Back Paw to the Chops!

Jim: Greyson looks pinned for good this time! Quill is repositioning for the neck grab! Look at the agony of defeat!

Greyson: UNCLE!

Bob: Well that's it! Quill takes the match!

Jim: Just to be clear, no kitties were harmed in this match.


  1. A high-quality match, pusscats. Outstanding commentary Jim and Bob.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. WOW! That was quite the match! I need a nap!!!

  3. The excitement! The THRILLS!!!

    ::leaping up and down::

  4. Those two play a lot cleaner than Binga does when she wrestles Boodie.

  5. What an exciting match! You both deserve gold medals for cuteness!

  6. Now that was an Cat-A-lympic purrformance!

  7. What a thrilling match ! Bob and Jim know how to keep us in suspens ! Purrs

  8. You seriously need a Jim and a Bob that can make an appearance on the blog.. two catnip mice, or something.. cause darn it that would be adorable!

  9. Good match boys. Good fight Greyson. You almost had that Quill. Maybe next time. Great event. Hope you all have a great day.

  10. You boys can be commended on a good, clean but exciting match.

  11. Wow! That was the best wrestling match we've ever seen! Way to go, guys!

  12. Well-documented and expertly analyzed!

  13. Oh, BTW, Happy Valentine's Day! Headbutts all around.

  14. I certainly learnt some new moves there guys!!