Cat-A-Lympics - Floofy Friday - Valentine's Day!

Bob: And we're back! Things are very exciting here at the H.C with today 's post!

Jim: That's right Bob today is Valentine's Day.

Bob: I understand today is also Floofy Friday here at the H.C.

Jim: Yes, our understanding is that Angel Fin was the first kitty at the H.C. to greet Friday each week and the boys have continued the tradition.

Bob: Will Friday come without this greeting Jim?

Jim: Heh, heh... I hope so Bob, but why chance it. It took some real thought to combine Floofy Friday, Valentine's Day and Cat-A-Lympics into one post. So for today's event we are going to warm your hearts and have a Kitten Cute Off!

Bob: Squeeeeeee!

Jim: ::Covers Mic:: Bob you're going to need to control yourself.

Bob: Let's get to the action - I understand Angel Fin is participating in this event.

Jim: Look at that! She manages to pull off cute and disdain for the pawparazzi. Looks like Quill is willing to rise to this challenge. 

Bob: Look at that tum and the "Please sir may I have some more" pose!

Jim: Greyson isn't going to take that lying down! Or is he...


 Bob: Looks like Quill is taking it to the S Curve!

Jim: Look at that smile! Looks like we're all pretty happy here at the H.C. We sure hope you are happy too. I think there are only winners in this event!


  1. Oh boy! That was definitely squeee-worthy!

  2. I think the real winners are everyone who gets to see these totally cute pics!

  3. Dead heat among all four competitors - gold medals all round.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. we love your photos... especially the last one... those eyes.. Lovely to to visit you, Helen, Darcy, Bingley xxx

  5. Absolutely impossible to choose the cutest out of that group!

  6. oh man - mom just fainted from all that cute!!!

    happy Friday and V-Day!

  7. Too hard to pick one. Happy Heart Day to you all!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  8. Too much cuteness ! Happy Valentine's Day to all the winners ! Purrs

  9. Hi there Angel Fin. Sure is good to see you. And you boys were sure cute kittens. Love the pictures. Have a very Happy Valentine's day.

  10. Am I sensing a theme here? I mean they are defintely all tots adorb but they kinda sorta look alike!

    I am enjoying the Olympics! Can my kitters join? Because they had quite the event at my Super Bowl party!

    All that Cute and Floof makes me sleepy I think I need a cat nap!

  11. The squeees and component scores are equal. It's a three way tie for the gold medal. Happy Valentine's Day, all. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. Gosh, there is Squeeeeee everywhere! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

  13. We can't hear anything here, except for all the squeeing! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!

  14. Such precious, totally adorable photos and great post!...And how awesome to see beautiful Finny again...Happy Valentines Day, handsome boys!...We hope you guys have a fun weekend together, dear friends...love and purrs...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  15. oh dear, cover the mic again, mommy's gonna squee REAL LOUD into it!!!!