Spa Day

Greyson: ::Whispering:: What's she doing Quill?

Quill: She said something about a spa day...

Greyson: What's that smelly goop she's stirring up?

Quill: No clue. Maybe you should go check.

Greyson jumps on the counter and cautiously approaches the bowl of smelly orange goop.

Mom: Greyson no! You may get dye on your furs...

Greyson: (Horrified) You're gonna die!?

Mom: No dye! See how my roots are showing - I'm going to dye it all the same.

Quill: (Joining the fray) But I like your roots - they look like tabby stripes! What color is it gonna be? The nice mouse color I hope...

Mom: Boys get down! It's gonna look reddish brown - more like a squirrel than a mouse okay? When I am done we can ALL have a nice mani pedi with a claw clip...

Mom stands alone as the boys scatter.

Mom: Works everytime!


  1. Ugh! That dye stuff is stinky! I always stay away when my human starts mixing up those concoctions.

  2. We scatter too when we hear the words mani and pedi!

  3. Ick, I don't like that stinky stuff. Hammy seems unphased by it. Maybe he needs a spa day.

  4. Hee, hee! You are so evil, Mom :)

  5. Your mom sure knows how to (temporarily) get rid of you guys. LOL. We want to know what's wrong with looking like you have tabby stripes. We're rather partial to them. :-)

  6. so that is what mom is doing sometimes behind the bathroom door....we wondered what the weird smell was :)

  7. It is stinky stuff but does make us ladies look better . Well we like to think so lol

  8. That is such a great story. Just mention clipping the nails and they were gone. Too funny. Smart boys. Those two are just the best. Take care.