Woobie War Wednesday

10 Months ago...

Greyson lays down for a nap on Quill's beloved woobie blanket.

Quill: What are you doing on MY woobie?

Greyson: Oh is this your woobie?

Quill: You KNOW it's mine. I sleep on it every night right next to MY Mom.

Greyson: Well it seems like it should be my area - I'm just a kitten after all. Babies should be close to THEIR Mom.

Dejected, Quill moves down the bed to the human knee area on the bed - woobie-less - except for a small corner.

1 Month ago...

Quill jumps on the bed and assumes his spot on the bed near the knees. Greyson looks at it longingly, Quill notices and sprawls comfortably.

Greyson: Hey Quill. You wanna come on the woobie and cuddle with me?

Quill: Nah I'm good here. It's so roomy here by the knees.

Greyson: Really? I thought you said the woobie by Mom was best....

Quill: Sure if you're a baby... But I'm a big mancat ...

Greyson: I'm not a baby anymore!! I'm a little MANcat! I need to sleep by the knees! Come on Quill switch with me!

Quill: Well, I really like the knees but if you're REALLY sure... okay.

Greyson swoops in and Quill takes his place on his Woobie - a happy smile on his face. Feeling tricked, the next night Greyson resumed his woobie position. The next night was reversed and so on.

Who do you think will win the woobie war?


  1. Neither! It will be a forever struggle. :)

  2. You made me smile SO much. I love this with all my heart. Katie Isabella and I will follow any subsequent chapters of the Woobie War with great anticipation.

  3. I think they should wrassle it out!

  4. We agree with Sparkle. Wrassle it out! :)

  5. Alternate nights seems a pretty good solution to me.

  6. Ha ha ha! Too funny! Even big Mancats need their woobies...and their Mums. I suppose snuggling together is out of the question?

  7. tell your mom it isn't war - it is compromise :)

  8. Hmmmm....I think Mom is going to have to go to bed earlier :) Quill and Greyson will keep trying to get the Woobie spot first.

  9. I too think it will be a tie. So nice of the boys to take turns keeping the Mom company at night. We do the same thing to our Person. There are so many of us, sometimes there are not many turns. Good luck to you boys. Take care.

  10. What about a bigger woobie blanket ? Or snuggling all together ? Purrs

  11. We think it is time to get a second woobie and keep efurrybuddy happy. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo