Mom on Monday

Mom here. I couldn't resist sharing this - so I am taking over the blog. 

I recently purchased some eyeglass frames from a vendor on ebay. I noticed the shipping confirmation and I clicked on it expecting the standard fare and instead received this...

Thank you for your order with Optics To Go!

Your product has been painstakingly removed from our shelves, the dust wiped free, and carefully placed inside its packaging. It has gone through a number of checks and all with contamination free sterilized gloves.

A hush echoed through the 100 staff as the final tape locked down the packaging. We all linked arms and swayed in time (except for Luke who was swinging his hips in the opposite direction to everyone else) and sung the Optics To Go version of 'I'm leaving…. On a jet plane'. Real tears were shed by some of us, who are still coming to terms with the fact the product has left the building for good.

If the suspense is too much you can also track your order's location in transit.
If it's not showing right now don't panic, it'll just be that we've been so quick to let you know your bargain is on its way that the Post Office hasn't had a chance to update their system yet.

We trust you have enjoyed your shopping experience and know that your package will be with you very soon. Please leave feedback for us and we will feedback for you. We'll start working on Luke's rhythm, while we wait to see you again soon.

Thank you so much for your purchase. We really appreciate your business!!
I was delighted so I replied - 

I can honestly say you made my night with this. You (and Luke) clearly follow your own rhythm and I appreciate it greatly. A lady could almost her enjoy her astigmatisms. You had me at “contamination free sterilized gloves”...


  1. Must. Shop. There.


  2. Is that the kind where you get your script and then pick out some frames from them?

    I'd love the site name. I need to do this.

    That Woman

  3. Oh, that's funny! We love companies with a sense of humor.

  4. I have way too much trouble getting my frames that fit to ever order online, but I'm sure that would make my day, too :)

  5. How delightful - I hope their product is as good as their sense of humor!

  6. that is hilarious....if the glasses are as good as the mailing email, you are in great shape :)

  7. What great Ebay people they are. That is just fantastic. Those should be some great glasses frames. Can't wait to see what they look like. Have a great day.

  8. MOL ! We hope that the product is as good as the email content ! Purrs

  9. Wonderful! You would want to order from them just to get a letter like that.

  10. You have got to love a company that wants to stand out and focus on customer service.

    I too now want to order from them :)

  11. Now that's hysterical! Love a company with a sense of humor. :)

  12. That's AWESOME! Thank you for sharing the smiles with us. :)

  13. WOW. Next time I need one of their products, I will order from them. This si just too good.

  14. Hope your purchase ends up being as great as that purchase confirmation. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo