Less Wordy Winner

Looks like I get to post on Wednesday's too! Of course I can't promise anything on the less wordy part - my ghostwriter doesn't seem to understand that sometimes a simple "Meow" will do. Mommy had to point out that some kitty bloggers have "Wordless Wednesdays" and just go with a darling photo and wouldn't that be nice. I pointed out that the pawparrazi wars of 2008 which began in June, are still on.

So last night was night three of trying to watch a Harry Potter movie from Netflix. I believe the second time the word “Potter” is mentioned in that English accent, Mommy is out cold, snoring hard. Daddy lasts about 20 minutes and I usually last about 30 minutes (when in Rome).

Last night when they were passed out by 8pm from the “Potter Narcolepsy” I took matters into my own paws and used the remote control. I just kept stepping on buttons until I finally managed to wake Mommy and get her to change over to Wipeout. I just love to see the people bounce off of those big red balls. It so amuses me - he, he, he.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha @ "Potter Narcolepsy"

    Every cat and human in this house feels the same way!