Less Wordy Wednesdays?

After much campaigning (or is that complaining?) on my part Mommy has agreed to consider adding Wednesday posts to my blog. Something short - call them “Less Wordy Wednesdays” perhaps.

Mommy has to get agreement on everything I think, so she said she would put up a poll to see if anyone is interested in reading the Wednesday blog (honestly, as if!). The poll will be open for the week, so vote often. I like to get my way, as you can imagine.


  1. We do "Wordless Wednesdays" wif just a pictor. Acourse you need to post on Wednesdays! Kitties got lots to say!

    Fin, I was fixed long, long ago, afore I dopted mine Mom. I didn't know I was broken, either. But Mom's so mean, she takes me to da vet lady efurry year. Dis time, da vet lady heard my heart murmuring, so I had to see her again only 3 weeks later!

  2. I'm still holding the line with the pawparazzi in the house. Tell your heart to keep it down next time you visit and stay well.