Close Encounter

Daddy had to go to work late one night this week, and before he left, he told me to keep Mommy safe. I take my assigned duties very seriously so I was up late, keeping watch. When I heard a car approach, I looked out the front window to verify it was Daddy returning. I was very relieved to see his car - until the headlights revealed an intruder. Right there, in my own front yard, was the illuminated outline of a feline prowler. I was instantly ready to fight.

“Hey! Hey You!" I yelled out in cat as I whapped the glass with my paw. "Out of my yard!”

Suddenly I saw the outline of a paw being raised in a gesture I didn't recognize. “What the Fluff!?! Same to you Mother Fluffer!” (Sorry for the potty mouth but I was very upset).

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more heated, Daddy came out of the garage with my old food bowl, and laid it out for the intruder (with my own bowl Daddy, how could you!). The cat came into the light and I saw it was a little black female with an extra set of paw toes. Apparently, what I thought was an inappropriate gesture was actually just the extra paw toes raised in a wave. I felt a little guilty at my previous outburst.

After I calmed down, my parents sat me down to explain the situation (I guess my outburst woke Mommy up). Apparently "Mittens" (Mommy’s name for the intruder – yes, she gave her a name!) is a neighborhood stray who sometimes hangs out in our front yard, for years. When she cries for food my parents give her some of my kibble.

I was very upset, until Mommy reminded me that my own tabby mother was once homeless. I felt ashamed then, if not for the good fortune of my family, it could be me out in the yard. Mommy was right - I was being harsh. So I'm allowing Mittens to stay in the front yard, as long as she stays out of my backyard. I will even share my food, as long as my treats are not involved.


  1. Fin,

    I'm so glad I found your blog. You're an interesting and funny cat. I can always use a new feline friend. I have two who live with me..or do I live with them? I guess you would know better how they think than me.

    Keep writing. Your day as a famous kitty author will soon arrive.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Hello, Fin! Nice to meetcha. It sounds like you had a very interesting encounter. I do not blame you for being upset at first. Maybe you can become friends with the little cat?

  3. Oh boy another kitty stopped by. You may have a point Daisy. Perhaps Mittens can fill me in on all the gossip on the cul-de-sac.

  4. Hi Lisa, so glad you came by. Mommy really enjoys your lifeprints blog. I'm sure your cats greatly enjoy your company, you seem like a nice snuggler, and a quick bowl filler to me.

  5. I dunno...I get all hissy with the outside kitties in principle alone. My people leave water out for them, but I figure my job is to make sure they drink and then leave. I wouldn't wan anyone getting any ideas about STAYING here...

  6. Hi Max - Mommy pointed out how much I'm enjoying the feed the kitties game on your site so maybe I'm just feeling charitable this week. If Mittens heads for my play area in the back yard though she's out!