Hard Times & Gas Prices

Call me a softy but I’ve been quite touched by the world this week. First there was the run in with Mittens last week which left me feeling charitable and yes, a little sad. We heard on the news that many animals are in need of a new family because people are losing their homes. I’m not sure how you would go about losing a home, as they’re quite large, but I guess anything is possible where humans are concerned. I know when Daddy loses his house keys he becomes a raving nut, I can’t even imagine how upset he would be if he lost the whole house. So I’m enlisting Mittens help to wave my parents in if they look lost or confused.

My parents even discussed adopting another dog or cat, to which I say “No!!” I did feel like I needed to step in and show them other ways they could help. Max has a link on his page to an online game to help feed homeless kitties and puppies and I decided to add the info here so you can play too. Hopefully that will tide them over for a little while.

Even I can’t ignore the constant stream of bad news on television (and I barely even listen to the news). My parents talk about the high prices of everything, including gas which confuses me for two reasons:

  1. Why are they buying gas when it seems they already have plenty? I mean why would anyone want to buy gas? I find it all rather distasteful.
  2. I’ve been paying a high price for their gas for some time and it certainly hasn’t made the news until now.

All this talk of hard times and cutting back can really bring a cat down. Until I took another look around and saw the world is filled with good too. People who offer to lend a hand when they could turn away or kitties helping other kitties, and my spirits were lifted. I hope in these hard times you find the bright spots to raise your spirits too.


  1. You sexy beast! Yes, you bring up a lot of social issues...and I pretend to understand and appreciate, but...I'm all about obtaining treats, to be honest.

    :* (Kisses)

  2. Oh my The Empress stopped by, royalty at last. I've always felt I might come from royalty. After all a whole land is named after me.

  3. Hi, Fin! I's Victor Tabbycat. ::spin:: I's glad to find yur blog. Haf you been to da Cat Blogosphere yet? Der is many furry nicenbloggin cats der. Purrs!

  4. Hi Fin ...
    I agree with you 'bout the gas. When I need gas, I beg for Taco Bell.

  5. Hello Victor, You look like a very pretty kitty! I've not been to the blogosphere I'll check it out.

  6. Lucky Charmz, What a cute name. My parents call it "Taco Smell" and I think I understand why, now that you mention it. Thanks for stopping by!!