Well America, unless there is some overnight aberration, the votes of the poll are leaning 71% towards my plan. Looks like next year you’ll be celebrating your birthday with milk, tuna, naps and catnip toys! I’m so happy to see you made the right choice. We're going to need a lot of catnip toys so you better get started.

I was so pleased to see how the kitties banded together to make it happen. Some households have multiple cats, like the Furry Bambinos who came by, and their vote should really count extra. To the humans that voted I respect your votes, but we'll have to agree to disagree – I’m sure you’ll learn to love catnip eventually. I’m even willing to throw in hot dogs or barbeque as long as I can have a taste. Oh and to the anonymous vegan who refused to vote, your welcome to celebrate with me. You can even keep your tofu dogs all to yourself, no need to share.

Some of my readers have asked how to leave comments, so let me tell you, as I love a nice comment. At the bottom of my post there is a link to comments called, oddly enough, “Comments” click on that, enter your comment in the box, type in the word verification, choose to go anonymous, enter a name, or if you have a Goggle account go ahead and use that, submit it, and it'll come to me for review. By the way, I'm trying to answer my fan mail now so you can always check back later and see my comments. Oh by the way Mommy didn’t realize how my answers would show when she helped me – so yes we know “Fin Says Said” sounds stupid but I think we have it together now.

Some of you have asked about the results of the hungrier strike that I began back in May. Well, I’ve lost a bit of weight and Mommy said she can even tell I have bones under all this fur. She told Daddy I was looking anorexcat, and has began to bring home the high quality treats, so the strike is off for now. Besides she has been fussing a bit with my book and has refused to send it out until she tweaks a few things. I can’t continue to forgo quality treats just to make a statement, especially when a much stronger statement, such as “I love beef jerky!” can be made instead. Have a great week.


  1. Thanks for the special vegan treatment, I'll take you up on the tofu dog. I'm glad to hear that the poll went as you hoped it would; You know I thought it just might.

  2. Heck I might even throw in soy milk and tofu cheese.