Eugene Part 2

So I spoke last of my play-dough kitty. My little tuxie love bug Eugene, but Eugene lived a double-life, and was known to the world quite differently.

Eugene was an indoor-outdoor kitty. He was let out in the morning and returned home later each day. We trained him to come when called by singing "Here Kitty, Kitty!" whenever he ate, so when he heard his call in he came running. I always imagined him getting teased by the other kitties when he was called in for dinner.

It was surprising how much he liked to eat at home too, because he was a serious hunter. I think he thought he needed to feed the whole family. I guess he thought we would enjoy mice, birds, and rats. He even brought home a squirrel once. Always thinking of me, he would bring them right to me, sometimes already dispatched and sometimes still alive in case I wanted to kill them myself. I think he thought my shrill cries were delightful congratulations. 

He went missing once, and I was beside myself. Mom and I scoured the neighborhood to no avail. After a day we decided to start knocking on doors. As I described my Eugene, all the neighbors knew who I meant immediately.

"The tuxie? Oh he's your cat? We've lured him with milk for months before he would even let us pet him! He comes every morning and we give him milk - he prefers condensed milk - and we pet him whenever he lets us." Said the elderly couple two houses down.

"If he lets you pet him? Eugene?" I said, imagining my loving lap kitty.

"He comes onto my house at mid-morning and suns himself on my bed." Said the lady behind our house.

"In your house? On your bed! Seriously?" I said.

"Oh yes. He lets me pet him and everything now. One day he just wandered right in the house."

Similar stories were relayed by about four different houses. I could hardly believe it. They all thought of him as an amazing kitty who had graced them with his companionship. The same way I thought of him actually.

Eugene returned home after about four days. He had lost weight and was covered in mud. He never told me were he had been during those four days. I told him never to leave me again, and true to his meow, he returned home every night for the rest of his years.

I hope all the lost kitties find their way home soon. You know who you are (Arty Mouse). 


  1. awwww - what a special boy - glad the neighbors got to "share" him...

  2. Yes, I hope Arty Mouse will return home, safe and sound, very, VERY soon. We must all purr for this, I think. purrs

  3. That was a great story and Arty needs to listen up!

  4. I do wonder that about Austin! How many places does he visit, though only once did he not return home at night!

  5. My human always thought that the cat before me had a secret life. She never went missing for more than overnight, though, so my human never had the opportunity to find out.

    I REALLY hope Arty comes home soon!!!

  6. Oh what a special story.
    We so hope that Arty comes home like an hour ago soon.


  7. Eugene sounds like an extra special boy. We do hope Arty Mouse finds her way home too.

  8. What a positive, uplifting story. We're purring that Arty Mouse finds her way home, too.

    Truffle and Brulee

  9. We loved the story of Eugene. :)
    We're purring and purring for Arty Mouse to go home.

  10. I loved your story. I know my cats love going out, but I worry too much about them to let them roam free. Plus, I am not overly fond of the critters they bring me -- alive or dead, MOL.

  11. i suspect my bubbles has been double dipping (or more) given his occasional disdain for his kibbles.


  12. That was a great story and so glad that Eugene decided to come home. I have two missing and they have been gone a couple of months.I sure hope Arty comes home soon. Have a great week end Meg

  13. FaRADaY: *envious look* Eugene had quite the life. Now me...Mommy never ever lets me out of the house, or maybe I'd charm old ladies too *glares at Mommy*

    Maxwell: Dood, you so would not make it out there! And we hope Arty comes home VERY soon!!!

  14. It made Mommy smile to read your story she is of course very worried about Arty, but remembers Whiskers came home after being missing 2 WEEKS and Socks came home after being missing a week so she still has hope and FEELS Arty is OK.

    Mommy's first cat was like your Eugene. She went over to Mrs Opals for biscuits and Mrs Dandridges for bacon first thing in the morning. Snowball had a much better breakfast then Mommy did and often when over to Mrs Mary's to visit with her cats. She liked hanging out with them, but did not allow them in our yard. And she slept over at their house cause Grandpa wouldn't let her sleep inside. So their teenage boy let her in to sleep with him and his cat and woke up at 5AM to let her out when teenage Mommy called.

  15. Eugene sounds like he was a social success in your neighborhood. What a character.

    We too hope Arty is found soon.

  16. that story was so beautiful. Eugene realized just like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz that sometimes "when you go looking for your heart's desire, you find that you really had it all along. Right in your own backyard!"