Eugene Part 3

Here is the painting of my boy Eugene. 

Such a handsome boy.

He was an awesome hunter as I've said. So many times he would carry in all manner of beasts and drop them at my feet. Once he brought them to me, he was always nice enough to give me first crack at the morsel. Sometimes he would bring them still alive and leave so that I could kill them on my own.

So thoughtful. How many times I remember perching on a chair yelling "Get it out of here!!" Eugene was never a kitty to take back a present though. He would sit on the side lines - coaching and willing me to enjoy my meal. Despite my ungratefulness, he never was swayed from his mission.

I remember one night he brought home a HUGE rat - alive. He dropped it at my feet in the dining room, during dinner. My Mom and I took turns jumping on the dining chairs and screaming as the other tried to herd it outside.

Meanwhile my sister was arriving home from a date, and as they were saying their goodbyes they could see us through the window - leaping and screaming.  

"What's your family doing in there?" The date asked.

"No idea..." My Sister replied. I think it might have been their last date.

Eugene lived to be about 9 years old and died of Feline Leukemia. Back then I had never heard of it, and had even less of an idea there was a vaccine for it. Maybe there wasn't a vaccine before he needed it. He was the best boy. I loved him so, and I know he helped me find the kitties I've loved after him.


  1. Eugene reminds me of my Tiki. He LOVED to bring me both dead and alive presents. He is one of the original cat's in my heart!
    Nellie's Mom

  2. Eugene and the cat before me were definitely cut from the same cloth. Or perhaps fashioned out of the same fur.

  3. What a funny and touching story. Eugene sounds like a kitteh we would have loved.

  4. Sounds like Eugene was a great first kitty--and great hunter!

  5. What beautiful memories of Eugene. What a mancat he was! So strong, yet so gentle.

  6. Eugene was a tuxie? Pawesome! But now, Quill is tabby...more pawesome! purrr...meow!

  7. Eugene is a legend!!! A live rat!!! Austin could have learnt lots from him. Thankfully ....... oooops! Had to stop right there and go and wrench a dead vole from his jaws! Huh! Small time in comparison ;)

  8. Max (who came before us) was a mouser and one day flopped over the fence and dropped my late husband a present. He could see it jumping about so he rushed outside and found it wasn't a mouse but a rat!! It sunk it's teeth into one of his fingers and wouldn't let go so he had to bash it on the garage wall to kill it and get it off his finger. To add insult to injury he then had to go to the doctors for a tetanus jab.
    A double ouchie!
    Hannah and Lucy's Mum Sue

  9. Oh my goodness, a live rat!?!? Eugene was such a hoot!

  10. Eugene sounds like a character. One day, one of the cats brought in a live bird and the person was able to save it. I bet that was quite a picture of you and your Mom trying to get that rat out of the house.
    Ok, more about Quill now. LOL

  11. Eugene

    --hunter supreme--

    What a kitty!
    we admire his prowess.


  12. Really nice cat painting, I'm really enjoying seeing something a bit different on the cat blog scene! Thanks :)

  13. That is a great painting. He was a very special mancat.

  14. What a wonderful boy Eugene was...the painting is marvelous.

    How sad he only lived til age 9. So young. I bet if that were today he would have had a longer life.


  15. Eugene sounds like he was a lovely boy full of character. The painting is lovely.

  16. Thank you for sharing Eugene with us, what a handsome lad he was. He is a cat one could never forget!