The Kitty Hunt of 2012 is beginning, well sort of. It has been jumble of close calls with no kitty yet. I am just taking it all in stride and assuming that the timing really wasn't right yet. You can't hurry love, and you can't hurry grief either.

I have full faith that the Ones Who Came Before are working it all out. When it's right, it'll just be right.

I do have a funny story from the search though.

Hubby and I went to the local shelter to look at the kitties. We were confused by the tagging system on the cages. Some had the familiar F and M - which I took as Female or Male. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring it out till I saw others say S or N. Not a sex I was familiar with - I really thought there were only the two.

"Excuse me. How do you tell what the cat's sex is?" I asked the lady at the shelter.

She gave me a look somewhere between disgust and disdain. "We've been trained." She said.

Of course my inappropriate giggles kicked in. "I should hope so." I said. "I meant how can I tell what the cat's sex is? I don't understand the differences in the sexes."

This time the look told me she thought I was a sick crazy lady. I giggled harder. I imagined her, imagining me lifting kitties tails.

"No." I said, imagining being black-balled from getting a kitty. "I mean on the papers." Pointing to the sheet of paper on their cages. "I don't understand what the codes mean. What sex is N or S?"

"Oh!" She said, still slightly perturbed. "N is neutered and S is spayed."

So the good news is that I haven't been black-balled... yet. My frequent calls may get me banned yet. Might be time to break out the English accent to throw them off my tracks.


  1. M or F... S or N... hehehe... I'm an M who has been N but I've got a name better suited for a G! PEEPS!

  2. We are all sure that TWCB are all working on it...led by Fin the Great. When our Maggie passed away and mom and dad were a mess...the great cat hunt of 2006 started. Mom searched websites looking for just the right Birman or Ragdoll even looking at breeders. Mom looked every day for 4 months and it was never right until she expanded her search on Petfinder.com to "Siamese" and increased the miles to anything drivable in a day. That very day, my momma Ellie's photo and story popped up!!!! Mom knew within a couple of seconds this was right...so she picked up the phone and made the call and placed a hold on my momma Ellie. Ha! Little did mom know she was about to meet me! Yes a package deal. It was love at first sight.

    You'll know when it's right.

    xoxo Cory

    In the meatime...I'm willing to box up Figaro and send him to you. Don't tell mom I said that.

  3. We know Fin and The Ones Who Came Before have a very special kitty in mind for you!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  4. See I would've been shocked that the volunteers/workers weren't super helpful and friendly. Don't they want the animals to find homes? Gosh.

    I was burring my beloved dog and was sobbing hysterically when a stray cat waltzed right up. He was just like, "Ummm, this is a delicate mater, but I see you have a vacancy now. I need a mom. You're going to be it. Here, let my purrs make you feel better." Sable moved himself right in. I never thought I'd have a cat, but I'm so glad he knew better.

    I still miss my beloved dog and all the other dogs I owned before, but I must admit that Sable's love helped with the grief. I'm glad you're getting back out there and are open to finding new love (sounds like I'm congratulating a single gal...ha ha).

  5. Sable's Mommy - You're 7 month lurker too right? That story cracked up hubby and me! I see there's a vacancy! Thanks for the laugh!

    Cory I am happy to take Figgy!

  6. Errr...Aunty Meg, if you can sort out the customs etc, I'll be glad to ship Sebastian to you. He's an M who hasn't been N....meaning his balls are still intact. Oooh...better still..take me instead. I'm in the F and S category. har har har *evil laughs*

  7. haha!!!
    Go for the English accent.
    Every once in awhile Gloman will break out the Russian accent. He's great at pretending he can barely speak English. Of course if I'm around, I can barely contain the laughter.

    Good luck with the kitty hunt. You are right. When it's right, it will be right and you will know.


  8. When that woman said, "We've been trained," my human pictured her saying it like a cross between Franklin Pangborn and Margaret Dumont (can you tell she is a vintage film freak?). It does sound like a line out of a Marx Brothers film!

  9. Hahaha! That bit about the lady at the shelter going "We've been trained" had me laughing like crazy!
    But believe it or not, I've had a lady at a petshop ask if I could help identify the sex of a dog that had just arrived. OMG. I took one look and said it was a male and she said, oh, are you SURE? With dogs, can there even be any doubt? Jeez.

  10. "we've been trained" - snicker.... And why is it that certain people feel the need to be snotty with the public?? sheesh...

    tell you what...how about we ship a small gray female to you? or her mommy.... :)

  11. HeHeHe...that's cute. Bet she ran back to the office and wrote everything down in her Daily Diary!

    When the right kitty comes along, you'll most certainly know it!

  12. That is too funny, but now you know!!!

  13. MOL - sounds like one of my less than better days!

  14. well until you have heard some of the questions that comes out of the general populations mouths you might understand why the shelter worker answered as she did.. (not that she couldn't have handled it a bit better.. )

    *giggle* trained *snigger*

    are you sure a trip to Maine is right out?? I just took in two new ones..

    (and on a personal note, I hate s/n.. cause technically it is spay castrate, but no one likes the term castrate, so they use the neutral 'neuter' which actually works for both genders.. and frankly it should be.. lets just do away with the 'spay' which is just the general term for the ovariohysterectomy - cause really, who can spell that?)

  15. lol!!! Gotta tell you my friend, the second I saw the "S" and "N" I knew what it was! lol

    You just have a ton of other things on your mind, that's all :)

  16. That is hysterical. Love that story. Also loved anonymous's comment. That happens a lot here.
    We know that Fin and the others will find the purrfect match for you Meg. But sure glad to hear that you are looking. One more kitty is going to get a home. Whooo Hoooo. Take care.

  17. Great story! And you're right, the ones who came before are definitely working on the matter. We're eager to meet her/him.

  18. Hahaha! I can lend you an English accent if you need it. Can't guarrantee it will be giggleless though ;)

  19. Hahaha! I can lend you an English accent if you need it. Can't guarrantee it will be giggleless though ;)

  20. ha ahaaha you are a classic I love the way you write! and I love your philosophy... 'you can't hurry love'.. we await to find out more... xxx Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  21. I would have thought they would have identified them as "M" or "F", and then had an "S/N" box to check. Re: "We've been trained." Not in how to deal with the public, apparently! MOL!

    We know your Angel Fin and the others who came before will bring together you and the right kitteh.


  22. Won't all of the M and F kitties become S and N kitties? I thought that was the rule for animal shelters. Shots, microchip and S or N all included in the price?

  23. Oh Meg, we just read the news and send our deepest sympathy. We know just how it feels, having lost our beloved Alice in January. We are sure that the Coalition will send you just the right kitty to take over!
    Your friends at The Rose Jugglers
    P.S. BB wants you to know she has downloaded Housecat Confidential on her Nook.

  24. The right fur baby will find you and you'll love it every bit as you love Fin.

  25. It took me 3 weeks after meeting my little boy at the shelter to decide to adopt him. Everytime I went back he would start crying when he saw me and would stick his paw out of the cage to touch me. I seriously do not think he acted like this with anyone else because I am sure someone else would have snatched him up. He chose me :)