It is with the heaviest heart that I interrupt Scofflaw Week to report that our beloved Finny De Floof has left this world.

For those of you who don't know she was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma back in November.She was so sick at the time I never dreamed she would live this long, but my girl was a tiger.

She lived comfortably for the most part, with a few bad spells that she had always managed to pull out of. Each bad spell took it's toll though, and she grew progressively thinner and weaker. When she stopped eating on Sunday, even with the appetite enhancing pills, we knew the time was coming.

We waited till yesterday afternoon, just in case she was able to rally again. When I carried her out onto her beloved porch and she tucked her head into my chest - we knew the time had come. She was helped to the bridge by the kind vet who diagnosed her and her Dad beside her.

I knew my hysterical sobbing would only cause all of us more pain. I stayed behind so her spirit could find her way back to me. I'm sure it did too. I feel her all around me - oddly enough hovering around my water cup.

Thank you for being our friends and loving her as we did. She was a perfectly imperfect cat that we couldn't have loved more.



  1. Oh no :( I really really really liked Fin, probably because she was cute and smart and we all know she was the brains behind the book ;)

    I am really, truly sorry. Fin was furry awesomeness...

  2. Oh Meg, my heart breaks for you. Darling, darling Fin will be soo missed. All our love and purrs to you.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    That Woman
    Miss Jack
    Miss Jenga
    That Scrappie Cat
    The Ornj Mutants Elliott & Oliver

  3. :( I am so sorry! Fin's was one of the first, no, I think the first kitty blog I found and from here I found the CB, and my crew convinced me to blog for them. She was a quintisential cat and I enjoyed her perspective :) we could all relate :) we send our purrs and prayers of comfort.

    Cara, Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  4. I'm so sorry! All us who have cat friends know how you feel :(

  5. Dear Meg, we are so sorry for your loss of sweet Fin. She was our first kitty blog too. Thank you for sharing your adorable girl with us. Sending hugs and purrayers to comfort you and her dad.

    Dip, Dot and MargB

  6. We're so sorry it came time for Fin to leave for the bridge and know your pain is deep. Thank you for sharing Fin with everyone. We loved her too. {{{{hugs}}}}

  7. We are so very sorry for your loss. It was through Fin's Blog that I discovered the joy of drinking water out of my Mom's cup, much to her dismay. I'll drink a toast from Mom's cup to your beloved Finny De Floof tonight.

    Gabriel(and his Mom)

  8. Oh Meg...Oh Finn...Teri will never think of the word Floof without you coming to mind. And Coco will always remember you fondly as part of her Presidential Cabinet, and all the Curlie Swirlie cats were very furrtunate to be able to call you Friend!

    Recently an animal communicator told Teri that her precious Bo is still in the house, greeting all the cats and is happy that she has kitties to love still...

    Fin would not want you to be sad too long, she would want you to smile again, soon...

  9. We are so very sorry to hear that Fin has crossed the Bridge. We were just getting to know her, but our sister-before-us, Sweet Praline, knew her well. We're sending comforting purrs for you.

    Truffle and Brulee

    Mom Paula: Meg, I'm so sorry to hear that it was Fin's time. I know you gave her all the love she could handle. I firmly believe that her spirit is with you. There were several times that I actually felt Praline brush up against me during my grief and I even saw her one especially bad night. Just know that all of us are here for you.

  10. Oh no! We are so very sorry that Fin has gone to the Bridge. Our hearts are broken...we loved Fin so much. We will miss her.

    Meg, I am so sorry. Even though you knew her time was coming, I know this wasn't easy for you. I hope you can feel the virtual hug I'm sending you. I'll miss Fin, too.


  11. We are all so very sad that Fin has left for the Bridge. She was a very dear cat and we will miss her so. Sending lots of purrs for you with deepest sympathy.

  12. Thank you so much for your kind words friends. Knowing so many other in the world love her too makes my heart a little lighter.

  13. My floofy tail is dipped in Fin's honor...

    I will send a message to my Sibe siblings akhross The RB to greet her!

    Thanks fur listening to her...my mom knows THAT is the greatest gift you khould have given her


  14. We are so sorry for your loss. Fin was quite a special cat.

  15. OH Meg,
    I am SO terribly sorry for your loss. Moe & I have been blogging with her/you for so long, we too have lost a dear and beautiful friend. Our thoughts are with you.

  16. We can't quit crying, we will love and remember you always Finny. Run free dear friend, run free.

  17. Oh no, we are so sorry to hear this news. We knew this day would come but still it is very difficult. It is so hard to lose a cherished companion and we all loved Fin so much!!! Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

  18. My human and I are so very heartbroken. We will miss Fin so much. This loss is difficult for us too.

  19. Oh no! We have tears in our eyes as we write this. We are so very sorry that precious Fin had to go to the Bridge. Thank you for lobing her so much, and for sharing your life with her with all of us. Hugs and purrs to you.

  20. Goodbye, sweet Finny. My mom and I are thinking lots about your humor and wisdom, and sending our love to your family.

  21. Oh, Meg, we are so saddened by little Fin's passing. We know your heart is broken, but she's with you in spirit.

    If there is anything we can do, let us know. Tom, like Fin, took pen in paw and they both gave the world a glimpse into the extraordinary life of two very special kitties. Fly free, sweet Fin. Your words and your beautiful face remain in our hearts.

    (((Hugs))) Tom, Mom Julie, the furry herd & our own special angels: Tom the First, Vinny & Trapper xx

  22. ::sniff::

    Finny was one of my bestest furriends in the whole world. I will never again play ice cube hockey without thinking of her...

    We are going to join paws in a purr circle and then whap around an ice cube in her honor.

    We love you always Fin. We knew you were ill, but nothing prepares you for the loss.

    ::wipes away tears::

    xoxo Cory and family

  23. Cory's mom here:

    Fin introduced me to new words. It takes a special cat to get a human to frequently blurt out in public "what the fluff"! I just am so sad.


  24. We have leaky eyes as we write this. We will miss Fin so much. She could make us laugh and smile and now cry. We'll always remember the Olympics and Scofflaw week and all of the other fun things she shared with us.

    Purrs, prayers and Hugs.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  25. I am so sorry for the loss of Fin.


    JC & The Purr and Fur Gang

  26. I'm so, so sorry. Sweet Fin was part of our family and I feel like there's an empty spot tonight. You and Finny have inspired me, shared yourselves with me, made me laugh and roll my eyes...and tonight I'm crying too.
    Bless you, your family and all those you've touched.
    Rest in peace. Fin.

    xoxo Glogirly & Katie

  27. Oh, we are so very, very sorry to hear this. We send you our most heart-felt prayers, our gentlest purrs and wrap you in thoughts of love.

    Be Well Sweet Fin

  28. We are so very sorry to hear of Fin's passing. She was a great old girl and much loved. We send gentle purrs and warm comforting light to you. We know that Fin will stay with you to help you through this time.

    Run free at the Bridge, beautiful Fin ...

    'Kaika and his mom

  29. Meg I am in complete and total shock. I knew that Fin was ill but always expected her to pull through this. She was an amazing cat and I felt if anyone could beat this it was Fin.
    You know I adore you and I adored Fin and I don't even have the words to express my sympathy and how my heart is breaking.
    Please know that Fin was deeply loved...and so are you!!
    I am so profoundly sorry.
    Much Love,
    Caren and Cody

  30. Oh we are so furry sorry to hear this sad news. All of us have leaky eyes here. We are sending our love, purrs & hugs to you & want you to know you are in our hearts & prayers.

  31. We are so very sorry to hear this. We did not know you well but were and are with you in spirit. Fin was an exceptional girl and we can imagine how much you will miss her.

    Purrs, Woofs, Neighs and Hugs,
    From everyone at The Poupounette

  32. Godspeed Fin...say hello to Punkin. We'll get to meet you someday...

  33. We are so sorry for your loss, Meg. We send our love and purrs.

  34. Oh...Fin. I shall miss you my dear friend. Hey...say hi to Tom if you meet him over the bridge, OK?
    Mom Meg,
    MMMMWWWWWAAAHHHHH!!!! Take care.


  35. We are saddened by the news and send soft purrs and hugs to you.

    We will miss Finny and think fondly of our past adventures.

  36. Our purrs fer Fin to have a safe journey over The Bridge, and our purrs for those who must remain behind and miss her...

  37. We're so sorry to hear this news - Fin always made us laugh and we loved seeing her posts. How you did the posts it was as though Fin was talking to us with her great attitude to life. We loved how she liked to sip out your water glass - that always made us smile.
    We know you are heartbroken and are sending love, purrs and gentle headbutts to you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    and love Sue xx

  38. FIP, sweet Finny. We know you're watching over your beloved family from The Bridge. Meanwhile, we'll be purring and purring for your family while their broken hearts mend.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  39. We are so sad to hear this news. Fin was a wonderful cat and always guaranteed to entertain us with her hilarious stories. We will never forget "The Moon" and all the other tales that made us cry with laughter.
    We will miss you Finny.
    Love purrs and hugs to your heartbroken family.

  40. We're so sorry. We send purrs to you all. Au, Target and Guido.

  41. Me and my cat Charlie came over from the CB and from Teri's blog too. We are so so sorry to hear of angel Fin - such a beauty and a unique and wonderful kitty. We are sending you all lots of purrs and hugs. Take care

  42. Beautiful, sassy, sweetheart Fin, we sing you to The Bridge dear girl with rumbly purrs and love.

    Whicky will be showing his Toontzy the best of times up there and how best to keep an eye on your Mom & Dad.

    We are sad that it was Fin's time to leave. She gave us wit, laughter, sass, excellent advice on ape management and most of all, friendship.

    All of our love to you Meg & Sam. Love and time will fill your memories with smiles soon

    Oliver, Gerry, Mungo and The Apes xx

  43. Meg, I think yours was one of the first blogs I visited when I realised there were actually other crazy cat people out there! Then I read Fin's book and fell in love with the little floofball. Our hearts are heavy for you today!

    ❤Fade in ... fade out ❤

  44. We haven't been blogging much of late ~ but we will never forget beautiful Fin. We are so sorry she had to go to the bridge ~ but no-cat could have been more loved and had a better life than your beautiful girl.

    Sending love and purrs and healing thoughts.

    Love always from Milo, Alfie and our Mom xxx

  45. We are so very sad. We loved Fin very much and will miss her, her hilarious stories entertained us and lifted our spirits when we were blue. She was one of our very first blogging friends and her kind words and cattitude meant a great deal to us. Purrs of comfort at this sad time ❤

  46. Meg, you know how sad we are about Fin. We sure did love her and will miss her a whole bunch. And you know that you gave her the best home ever. Big hugs to you and will be thinking about you in your sadness. Take care.

  47. We are so sad to hear that dear sweet Fin ran over the Bridge on Monday.
    The Cat Blogosphere haf lost anuffur legend.
    Hers was beautiful, smart and wrote a grrreat book. We will miss her so much.
    We send purrs and soft head bumpies to hers fambly.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC and Kitties and Mom ML

  48. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Fin. Thank you so much for sharing her life with us. She was a Very Good Girl.

  49. Sending you lots and lots of comforting purrrs.

    pawhugs, Max

  50. I'm going to miss one of my best friends ever. Farewll for now, sweet Finny.

  51. The Cat Blogosphere is dimmer now without Fin to add her special wit and clever snarkiness. Sending love and purrs to you in this most difficult time.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky

  52. Dear Fin's peeps,
    Mom and I learned of Fin's passing this morning on Wally's blog...we are so very sorry and to your precious girl we say run free and well.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  53. We are so very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet girl. No matter how ready you think you are, it always breaks your heart.

    julie and Poppy Q

  54. I am so sorry! I know how it feels to loose a friend...
    What can I say? ...

  55. I understand the awful pain as do the rest of us here and I share that with you.

    I am so sorry to learn about Fin's passing and I send love and comforting hugs to you and her dad. The pain is there but so is the knowledge that you gave her deep love and she knew that. She know ir and returned it. She had a good life with you and she was happy. Reember that through the sorrow.

    Carole, Katie Isabella and the spirit of Admiral.

  56. I'm heartbroken to read this and wish I could give you a hug in person. Most of us know exactly how you feel, and in truth, it's little comfort to know she had a happy life with you--it doesn't ease the grief, not yet.

    Please allow yourself to grieve as you need to, for however long that may be.

    The boys are sending soft purrs and kitty kisses and I'm sending Universal Light and Love, wishing you Peace.

    Godspeed, beloved Fin. If you see Annie, please give her a nosetap for me.

  57. Dearest Finny, we are so sorry to hear that you were called away. Perhaps you can take the chance to get your own back on the mockingbirds and swoop them when you drop in on your mum. Smooches.

    Meg, you were so very brave for your girl. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  58. oh Fin, we are so sorry you had to go, but we know that the Rainbow Bridge is a great place and you will be happy there waiting and watching over your family. We will meet you there someday........

  59. All of us here at The Creek are so very sad to hear of Fin's passing. Fin was one of our very first blogging friends and we will never forget her and hold her close to our hearts. (((hugs))) & ♥

    Maggie May and The Creek Cats

  60. safe journey Fin..... Meg - we are SO sorry....she fought the good fight was we know she is always going to be near you.....

  61. we are so sorry to hear about finny, we bisited efurry morning

  62. My heart is filled with sadness, Fin has just always been here as long as we have. Missing her is an understatement. We want you to know that she was an extraordinary presence and a true icon in our blogosphere, now she will join the heavens and her bright light will twinkle. We are glad she is at peace, and thankful she is running free at the Bridge with all of her friends. It is for ourselves that we have sad whiskers, and for you, whose heart we know is filled with the greatest loss. We will keep you in our purrs and prayers, and tonight when we look at the heavens and see the newest bright star we will know its Fin waving her tail at all of us.
    Abby & Mom

  63. Fin, we are all heartbroken here. We love and miss you so. Mommy has been crying on and off since she heard the news. She saw a floofy shadow this morning around the corner, and when she realized none of us were there, she said to me 'Sam, be a good boy and give Finny a smooch for me'. Like she had to ask? Thank you for including us in your visits. You're welcome back any time.

    We are sending purrs and lots of love to your Mom and Dad.


  64. We're so sorry to hear the sad news about Fin. Sending comforting vibes and purrayers for your loss.

  65. We are all crying with you Meg, Fin was a beautiful girl....how blessed we were to know her. Her photo......walking down the path....we will all walk someday. Bye sweetie, walk with the angels, luv, Tinker, Toy, Tang, TyGr, Teak, Thomas, Setzer, ICE and Mom Holly

  66. Ohhh Meg I am so sorry for your loss, with everything going on here I haven't posted to anyone's blogs but I have been reading and trying to keep up on all the news. I cried reading this, she had a loving heart and brought smiles to all of us. Thank you for sharing her with us over the years. xoxox

  67. Meg, my heart is breaking with you. Scooby died last month of aneurism, very suddenly, in my arms. I am glad you were there to make the decision to release her, just as I am that I was home that fateful day and witnessed what happened rather than coming home and finding him gone.
    My heart won't heal for some time and I'm sure it will be the same for you. Everything in the house has memories attached to them, but my blogger friends tell me that some day the anguish will be diminished and my face will shine again with his memories. The same will happen for you. Bless you & Dad and know that you are not alone. Fin was loved, well loved by many and her feisty beautiful spirit will continue through eternity. -Lynne, Shaggy & Scout

  68. We are so very sorry for your loss. We didn't know Fin, but she sounds like a wonderful personality to have around.

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  69. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I'm sure the whole Cat Blogosphere and many others around the world are in mourning along with you. I count myself among them.

    Fin will live on as you have immortalized her in this blog and in your book. And her spirit is undiminished by her passing. As you have said, you feel her around you still, though I know it's not the same comfort as having her physically in your arms.

    I know all too well the deep pain and longing of such a loss. It's trite, but true that the only healer is time. It doesn't mean we ever forget, but after awhile we can remember our dear pets with happiness instead of sorrow.

    I'm sure Fin in well and happy on the Bridge, and will keep in touch with you as long as you need her.

  70. Our human has leaky eyes and is sad. We will all miss Finny so much. Know she had a wonderful reception at the Rainbow Bridge.

    We never mentioned it before, but Finny looked a lot like a cat our human had in Texas. He was a neighborhood stray who stayed.

  71. Dear Meg!

    Now the day has finally come.
    Your reposting of the highlights of Finny´s blog was a kind of long good-bye - at least that is the way I saw it.
    But even though we know the moment must come it doesn´t hit us any less hard.
    We send healing thoughts your way.

    Run free, dear Finny!

    Marion, mom of Jolan, Mumtatz and Happy

  72. MomKatt & I just wanted to say how very sorry we were. My brofur, Feisal, had this same illness and MomKatt's heart is reaching out to you. I'm purring softly ...

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  73. Such a beautiful soul she was, and so very loved. I am deeply sorry for your loss and pray for your hearts to heal.

  74. So sad to hear about the passing of Fin. She will never be forgotten. Sending purrs your way.

    ~Four Crazy Cats

  75. We're so very sorry to hear of your loss. And yes, I'm sure Fin's spirit is all around you giving you some comfort.

    We lost our precious pup, April, a couple weeks ago too and I'm sure April was there to greet Fin at the Bridge.

  76. Oh Meg: How shocking to hear this sad news; even though she was sick we always thought that somehow she would pull through. We have been where you are and we all send healing purrs.

  77. David E. FrancisMay 9, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    Thank you for sharing Fin with us for all these years. I am sorry for your loss.


  78. Oh no, Meg, we are so sorry to hear about your sweet Fin. We always enjoyed her floof and cute personality. We all miss her... She was such a happy girl to have wonderful home and loving family. Sending prayers and warm thoughts...

  79. The news left us stunned. I can´t stop thinking about it. Finny was part of my everyday life. I would check on her antics every single day and she brought me so much joy.
    I will never forget her.


  80. So sad to read this...it happens to everyone, four-legged or two, but it's always so heart-wrenching regardless of the knowledge that it is the way of life.
    I know it's hard to lose a furry loved one, my thoughts are with you.

  81. Sorry to hear about Fin, and sending purrs and purrayers for you all.

  82. We are so sorry that Fin has crossed over. Having cancer is not fun, and we are glad that she hung around as long as she did. We are sending you tons of purrs and purrayers and many hugs during this difficult time.

    Luf, Us and Maw

  83. We are so very sad. Fin was a legend. Her legacy will live on with many of us.
    With bowed heads and tipped tails, many purrs to you xxxxxxxx

  84. Oh, beautiful sweet Fin! My heart grieves with you. XOXOXOXO

  85. May the many memories of love outweigh the grief of loss.

    purrs & prayers,
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders

  86. With a heavy heart..

    we join in your mourning and share your grief.

  87. I am so sorry. You don't know us, but we've followed your journey for a few months. Our hearts are broken for you. Our thoughts are prayers are with you in this time of mourning.
    Lana (aka, staff) and her "people of fur" Lilly, Patsy and Smudge

  88. Meg, I join many others in sending my condolences for your loss. Fin was my first cat blog. I shall miss hearing of her antics.
    Prayers for you,

  89. OH no...the Museum gang is heartbroken...Meg, sending you all the love in the world, and hugs, and a quick prayer that Zozo/Sally/Baci will find their new friend and nosetap her as she comes over the Bridge. :'(

  90. Dear Meg,
    I am so very sorry.
    Fin was beautiful and special.

  91. Oh, beautiful Finny, you lit up my day so very often, and I know you lit up the lives of all your family.
    You will be most conspicuous in your absence.
    Purrs and hugs to your family.....
    Marcia and Ms G!

  92. My condolences for your loss. You gave Fin a great life filled with love and treats. None of us could ask for more than that!

  93. Oh, I am so very sorry!!! We love Finny and her sassy ways. She brought us much joy and because we have her book she will carry on in our hearts too.
    Janell, Anna, and Abigail
    PS. We send hugs and purrs to help comfort your broken hearts.

  94. Oh, we're so very sorry to hear about Fin. Please accept our condolences on the loss of your beloved girl. Purrs & hugs to you.

    The Crew & Crew's Mom

  95. Oh how our hearts ache for you ! To say we are sorry for your loss does not even begin to touch this. Fin was so loved, and we can only imagine how much you miss her....

  96. We are so sorry to hear about Fin.
    It is hard to say goodbye to a beloved friend,especially on who has been with you for so long.
    We send you comforting purrs.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  97. You will always remain my BSIF, I owe you so much, Finny. I am very sad that you are no longer with us but I understand that your time had come. Fly free, BSIF! I just know that you will still be watching over me. This is not the end to our special bond.
    Your loving, not so little anymore Sister in Floof,

  98. Oh no. I knew this was coming but dreaded the day. I'm so sorry for you.

    As a long-time lurker on Fin's blog and the servant to two present kitty bosses, I can imagine your heart ache now. Mine aches for you.

    I'll shed some tears for Fin and for you, but will mostly remember her sassy personality.

    Take care of yourself!
    (servant to Simon and Hedley)

  99. Oh no, we are so very sorry for your los of Fin. We've missed all our friends terribly and have thought specifically of you and Fin often. (((Hugs)))
    We know she is home with you now and will split her time between checking in on you and hanging out with our RB friends at the Bridge.
    I'll have our RB woofies look out for her. They were good dogs. She'll like them, even if they are dogs.
    You're in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time. purrrrrrrs

  100. So sorry for the loss of your sweet Fin. Gentle hugs and soft purrs to her family. Run free, Fin!

    Laura & Taffy

  101. We are so very sorry to hear the sad news about Fin. She was beloved by so very many around the world. Thank you for sharing her with us. We will miss our dear friend.

  102. We are sorry you lost your beloved Fin. You gave her the best gift possible - your love. We are purring for all of you so you may find peace soon.

  103. Sending love and light to you, your family, and Fin. I am sorry for your loss.

  104. I stumbled upon your blog about 7 months ago while searching for cat info (I had no idea how to take care of a cat and a stray decided I was going to be his Mommy). That night, I read Fin's entire blog! I just couldn't stop. The next day I showed it to my husband and he was likewise entranced by Fin's spunky personality and amazing adventures. We are both huge, huge fans of this Granny cat. She has helped us so much with our own cat. Through her, we learned how to play with Sable and that it was normal for a cat to love a food one day and look at it with disdain the next.

    Fin has made me laugh and made my day brighter time and time again. I cried when I read that she was sick and my husband and I were thankful that she rallied for so long. Every extra day seemed like such a blessing...and she wasn't even our cat. Thank you so much for sharing Finny de Floof with us! Floofy Friday, First and Second breakfast, the Catolympics, the Evil Dyson...we'll never forget them, or her.

    Take care,

  105. Meg, I am so very, very sorry.

    Hugs and purrs,
    Beth Ann, Bella and Coco
    (and angel Mocha, who passed from the same lymphoma in September)

  106. We are so very sorry for your loss! Fin was a beautiful and special cat. Run Free Fin! RIP
    Lotsa licks
    Casper Bear

  107. I am so sorry for your loss. Fin was loved by so many, and she will live on not just in your heart, but in your book and in the blogosphere.

  108. There are no words to tell you how special I thought your gorgeous Finny was; I am so sorry for your pain and sorrow over losing this incredible girl in your lives...I will never forget her...Love never dies and I know she lives in your hearts forever...Take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers...Never forgotten, always cherished, forever loved, darling Finny...Hugs...J (Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat)

  109. Mom's been horribly busy with work the last couple of days. Just now seeing about Finny... We're so sad. Love her book, her sass, her outlook on life (we agree, totally). She had a wonderful free spirit and we're diminished by her passing. Our very deepest sympathies to Meg and Dad.

    Lizzie & 3 kittie

  110. Thank you so much friends! Your love for my girl eases my heart.

  111. My heart is breaking for you. I have Fin's book and now - well - I treasure it even more. Please know that I am holding your heart close to mine as it mourns your loss.

  112. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Fin was special. Thank you for sharing her life with us. We would never have known her had it not been for you. What a beautiful paw print she left on each soul. Her spirit will never be forgotten. Rest in Heaven's peace, sweet Fin. Love from Lassie's Mom

  113. LadyCat Fin--Tommy, Noir's human here. My eyes water now, and my throat tightens that Fin ran off to the Bridge. I wish I could sit with you, even in silence--just to remember Your Girl.

    I loved Fin's posts-especially when both of you would visit Noir's blog. Feisty, fun and beautiful LadyCat Fin was and always will be. When the night is quiet and you try to rest, listen-because that stillness is filled with Fin's purr. I am sure you have heard it already.

    Fin knows how much you and her Dad cherished her-yet it was Time. Sad for you, sad for us.

    Thank you for sharing Your Girl with us. Psalms 50:15.

    Tommy & Noir the Texas Tabby

  114. So sorry to hear of your loss. It will soon be one year since I lost my beloved Persian cat roscoe. He was 19. Am in the process of deciding whether there are indeed hypoallergenic cats. Otherwise I'm afraid roscoe will be the last cat I ever live with and this saddens me deeply. Anyway I feel your pain.

    Nancy Gordon
    Pet collage paradise
    Www. Petcollage.net

  115. I haven't been paying as much attention to the blogging world as I should have and just now came around and saw this. I am so very sorry about Fin. She was such a beautiful girl. Interesting thing; one of a group of cats I have been pet sitting the past couple of weeks is the spitting image of Fin, although Trooper is a boy. They could have been twins. :-)

    My thoughts are with you. I hope you have been able to find comfort knowing that y'all did the right thing and she will always be with you.

  116. I'm so sorry. :BIG HUGS:

    3 of my 4 elderly cats passed in the year after my son's father passed ... I know how hard it is to lose a cat ...

    Finny had the best life with you guys ... she was loved and cared for and, at the end, given the support that she needed.

    I loved reading about her escapades. She was a bright light in a lot of our lives.

    I'm sure she'll be guiding another wee kitty soul into your lives that needs the same sort of love and protection.


  117. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing26 your blog posts. In any case I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!…

  118. I just read about Fin and it broke my heart. All of us who have lost one of our furbabies know exactly how you feel. We love them so much and can't live without them, but it is so hard when their time to pass comes. Fin was much loved so I'm sure he went peacefully "over the rainbow bridge".

  119. Meg, I'm so sorry to read of Fin's passing. I still remember discovering your blog and have always enjoyed reading all about her adventures - thank you for sharing it all with us.

    I've also just seen that you've now welcomed a new kitten into your life and look forward to reading all about her as she settles in.

    Take care, from us all at Kitcaboodles x

  120. We are so sorry. We've been away and only learned about Fin now. We'll miss her and sharing all of her adventures on this blog.


  121. We've only just learned the news about Fin and we are crying so much. We loved Fin and we're so sorry to hear she's gone. Run free, sweet girl, and have fun playing with our Cats Who Came Before also. Purrrrrs to the 'rents.

    Love and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew
    Bugsy, Sassy, Pixie, Ziggy and The Mommy

  122. Mom and I are weeping for you still. Sorry for the late comment, mom has been ill.
    Know that our thoughts and purrs are with you.
    Tigger and mom

  123. Oh, Meg :(
    I feel your pain.
    I still dream about Wendell a year and half later. I did adopt my two little girls and they are turning out to be wonderful cats.
    Love and hugs to you and the new baby boy.
    PS I have not been getting your posts so I;m going to plug in my email address again and see what happens.
    Again, Finny was so special and funny and regal and imperious.....xoxox

  124. we're so very sorry to just know about Fin. we've been busy on off the net. so sorry...
    love you Fin. you're the bestest floofy Fin

    mq the bean
    Meow Meow Family

  125. I just finished reading your book (which I loved) and talking with my mom about it when she told me that Fin had just passed in May. I am sorry for your loss. I know the feeling of having a sick cat (mine had FIP). Glad to hear that you have a kitty and Fin Angel, of course.

    5 Diamond Grizabella and mom

  126. Dear Mom Meg,
    My heart was dropped when knowing about Miss Fin's passing. Me and Mom are in tear. We didn't know that , We didn't blog for long time. We are so sorry !
    We love Fin, We always do. I remember Fin is my first first blog friend. Me and mom always laugh at her cattitude. but we didn't expect she will leave us so soon. I didn't have a chance to say goodbye. I miss her terribly. I hope you are O.K. mom Meg. I saw you have a new member : )

    Many Hugs to you
    and Maga Purrs to Angel Fin ( she always in my thought )

    Love both of you lots