The Story - Part 2

BREAKING NEWS - Lock up your ladycats - Quill is a boy! We just got back from the vet and surprise, we got ourselves a healthy and handsome boy. I guess Eugene had a real paw in picking this little sweetie. Now back to the story (now edited for the correct pronouns)...

I knocked on the door of Kacie's house with hubby at my side. We were both filled with nervous energy. Kacie had emailed to say this little kitten was the pick of this small litter in her opinion. The first to be unafraid of her, the first to purr, and the natural ringleader.

Kacie opened the door and went upstairs to get the kitten. I thought I felt eyes on us, checking us out, but I pretended not to notice as I tried to make friends with the resident kitty.

Kacie headed down the stairs and there he was. I believe hubby and I both squealed in delight when we saw him. He looked a little like Fin we mentioned to Kacey, as we explained we recently lost our girl.

Kacie handed me the kitten. He gave me a good sniff and let out the tiniest of sweet squeaks. I was hooked. I petted him and he started to purr.

"You have my approval if this is the kitten you want!" Hubby said as he was already angling for the door and the carrier in the trunk.

I held him out to hubby, "Do you want to hold him too?" I asked. He took the kitten in his hands and I admired him from a distance.

Kacie was looking on and said "I can leave you two alone if you want to talk about it."

She was going to let me just have him, I thought. After all the trouble we had been going through - I could hardly believe it. I had wanted easy, and this was pretty darned easy. It was all just right. I told hubby to get the carrier.

Kacie told me he had been to the vet already and he was probably about 6 weeks old. His momma cat was a neighborhood stray with a big floofy tail. She gave us a sack of kibble and refused to accept any money for it, or the kitten. She just wanted the kitten to go to a good home, and she thought we would be that for this little one. I couldn't help but give her a huge hug - for being the person who saved kittens, and for just wanting to find them a happy home.

"What are we gonna call him?" Hubby asked on the way home.

For years after writing Fin's book I joked a new kitten's name would be Sequel. Sam said he thought Seek (or maybe he said Zeek) would be a good name. I said what about Quel or Quill? Fin was a part of a fish and Quill was a part of a bird. Then I thought of how it's a writing instrument and I was sold.

But wait, there's more! Part 3 coming soon! In the meantime, please enjoy!

Already getting ready for blogging.


  1. Oh what a good story! Welcome, Quill!!

  2. Lots of Squeeeee's heard around here...Quill sound very wise, serious but with the flair of a writer! Now Quill, don't be too serious...you are a kitten, after all!

  3. Well how cool is that! This little guy has a serious case of the cutes! Congratulations on your new family member!

  4. We love our gratuitous kitten shot!! Thank you, tiny MANCAT!

  5. Quill. Quiller, The Quiller from Maniller... oh no, no no... The Quillster. OMC he's just darling! Concats on your newest er...edition. MOL

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  6. What a cutie you are Quill. Welcome to the CB!

  7. We thinks he's a handsome little boy! Congrats on your new family member :)

  8. Listen up Quill my little pal, your peeps are WAY smarter than my peeps. Count your furry blessings that they figured out you were a boy in 3-4 days...um vs. 4 years in my case.

    Manly purrs of approval,


  9. Oh! Quill! Yous is just so sweet! Mes could eats yous uo! Me can;t wait for yous to find your voice, me thanks yous for coming to my Birthday Pawty!

  10. OMC, I have to hold my human back from rushing off to NV to meet this little guy!

  11. There's going to be Part 3 and 4 and 5....to this story. WONDERFUL!
    Quill is such a little darling.

  12. So it's Master Quill, huh? Too cute.

    Looking forward to part 3!

  13. I really do think Miss Fin had a hand in this. He is so perfect, she must have sent him to you!

  14. OMC!!! The sisfur is now a brofur? Errr....let's rumble Quill hun! purrr....meow!

  15. Hello handsome little fella, Quill is a most excellent name and we hope that you attain full charge of the household soon (should be easy, both of your new parents are pushovers as far as felines go - Fin trained them well)

    We hope you will all be very happy together and we look forward to reading about your adventures soon.

    Luff from

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo
    & The Apes xx

  16. PS: Our ape says you look like you have a lot of chops about you.

  17. What a cute little fellow Quill looks and of course he will be able to join the Tabby Cat Club too. We wonder as he grows up if he'll like "more mature ladies"!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Well, it's all just SO exciting!! He's very handsome
    and I can only imagine the mischief he has in store. Step One: 'Training the humans'. LOL

  19. Oh handsome little Quill, we are all just thrilled at your arrival on the scene!!!!!

  20. Oh geez - we are gonna have to peel Silver offa mom's laptop now..... MOL

  21. oh boy oh boy oh boy......

    Quill, we can tell ALREADY you are gonna be a prankster! Hiding your nurry little futs from your new Momma...ha ha ha!!!

    C'mon, we wanna know part III!!!

  22. We think Quill is going to be full of surprises and fun.

  23. OMG, Quill, you are a young man. That is terrific. And you are handsome.All the gal kitties here are going to be banned when Quill comes on. You are going to be quite the ladies man Quill. This is so great. Our person is so happy for your person Quill. Has Fin taught you how to drink out of the person's water glass at night??

  24. awesome cuteness! concatulations!!

  25. You look like a naughty, naughty pussycat, Quill! :-)
    Guess we´ll have a lot of scofflaw posts coming. They´re our favorites!

  26. You are a real little cutie Quill, and very intelligent to let your new parents know that you were going home with them.

  27. Quill
    Our Mom is *losing* it she swore she left a comment. But she doesn't see it, so I guess she didn't.
    We so enjoyed this story about how you were GOTCHA'ed. It was just perfect.


  28. What a terrific story! Quill, you are adorable. Welcome to your new home. :)

  29. Quill is a little BOY!!! Ohhhhhh I love it!!!

    I have only had "boy" kitties and nothing against the girls but I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Boy kitties have such special bonds with their mamas!!

    YAY for Quill! yep! I had mentioned it was a writing instrument too!

    Ohhhhh I have such happy tears in my eyes! What a kind soul that woman was to give him to you for free....ahhhhh the Celestine (however you spell it) Prophecy at work again, "in life there are NO coincidences!"

  30. When I first read your intro to Quill, I so totally wanted to call 'her' Quillern in my mind. I kept having to tell myself that 'she' was a 'girl'. ;)

    You aren't alone in the gender issue. Em was a boy too, but we were so used to calling her a her, that we just kept up. We figured she didn't care. and it always helped me to find compassionate vets when they called my transgender girl a girl. Those that called her a him never saw her again.