5 PM - A Love Story

Fade In

FIN sleeps on the big bed. She stretches sweetly as she realizes the time draws close. FIN takes a long and luxurious lick bath, making sure each fur is in its place. She leaps from the bed and lands soundly on the bedroom floor, she takes a moment to re-adjust her fur.

Suddenly FIN realizes her bath has taken too long and hurriedly begins her preparations. FIN dashes to the kitchen and wolfs down any remnants of food in her dish. She runs to the living room and moves her mouse SCOOTEY back to his place under the table. FIN realizes his placement is too perfect, and tries to adjust him with her paws. Still not right, she picks him up in her mouth and tosses him gently so he lands belly-up and casual-like. FIN is pleased with the results.

(Cue sound effect of car on the street and the garage door opener) FIN runs through the office towards the laundry room. She sits down and tries several poses in an effort to look welcoming, but not overly so. She also tries several lying down positions.

(Cue sound effect of a car pulling into the garage on the other side of the laundry room door. The lumbering sounds of a human woman approach the door).

FIN (excitedly rolls unto her back exposing her soft tender underbelly): Meowme Meowme! Ra-ow Ra-ow!

The door opens to reveal MOMMY as she enters from the garage. MOMMY's face is transformed with love as she sees our leading lady.

MOMMY (Sweetly as she drops her purse and bows towards FIN): How is my perfect furry girl? I missed you today. Did you miss me?

FIN (lovingly as she wriggles with joy): Mer-ow, Mew!

MOMMY bends down and scoops up sweet FIN in her arms. FIN basks in the adoration (for a full 10 seconds) as MOMMY squeezes her.

FIN (indicating she would like to be set down now): Mah!

MOMMY gently places FIN on the floor as she heads down the hall. Out of the corner of FIN's eye she sees THE BALL has placed itself in MOMMY's path. FIN races past MOMMY and attacks THE BALL with a solid blow to it's evil green plastic. THE BALL rolls cowardly into the living room as FIN races beyond to ensure it's submission.

THE BALL (fearfully): Tinkle Tinkle Tinkle

MOMMY (filled with awe): You saved me my sweet cat!

MOMMY and FIN go into the kitchen together. MOMMY cracks open a can of food while our leading lady rubs against her legs. We hear loud purring. The screen edges pull in till MOMMY and FIN are surrounded by a black screen in a heart shape.


Fade Out

Remember to let us know if you are playing for an Acatemy Award (see prior post below) by Sunday. Everyone who plays gets an Acatemy so there are no "it's just nice to be nominated moments."


  1. We're trying to decide if we will play or just get out the big bowl of popcorn AND butter and watch the show!!!! You are such a star Fin!

  2. Mommy says she is too tired to visit tonight, but promises she will make it up to me tomorrow. Hurumph.

    Hope you all enjoyed this week's theme. I will be back to regular posts including Floofy Friday next week.

    I'll post again Monday with everyone who has won an Acatemy Award.

  3. This was a sweet one, Fin. We always like a happy ending!

  4. Awwwww. That was adorabble! It made alla us Ballicai and our momma smile. :)

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. Fin--

    You make opening a can of cat food seem so, well,.....dramatic!

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list!

    Mr. Black

  6. Oh, a romance movie, we love dem. Zippy sez she wants to do da horror one, where Sadie suddenly shows up to torture da little princess but mom sez dat is not how it happened and she won't write fiction fur us...

  7. I need some more popcorn. The way you save your mum from the evil ball is so brave.

    Huffle Mawson

  8. Oh Fin, we had tears in our eyes when you saved MOMMY! Purrfect! Hurrah! Bravo!

    I discussed the SIF favoritism issue with LSIHF, who's back to full crazyness, and she said we could at least try to get away with it. Ha! That's LSIHF, you gotta love her cattitude.
    Purrs, LSIF

  9. Fin, we gave you an award that comes with a meme today. Purrs!

  10. Yay! We like happy endings...'specially ones that end with food!

  11. You will surely win the screenwriters original award...
    very, very good love story (surely based on a true story).
    We have sent you an email...
    and we'll have our movie poster
    on Zoolatry tomorrow (Saturday).
    Bye now,
    Maggy and Zoey

  12. We love your screenplay. You were very brave to save your Mommy from the ball. ~S,S,C & F

  13. I love a story with such a happy ending!!

  14. Fin, you were born to be a leading lady.

    Ms. P and Cinza

  15. PS We wrote a script centred around Cinza's singing, but haven't decided yet if we'll post it.

  16. Fin, you have a real talent for screenwriting!

  17. What a great heartwarming story! Is there a sequel where she catches a glimpse of Scootey, jumps on a chair yelling "Eeek! A mouse!" (Even though he looks like a hedgehog) and yOu come to her rescue and kill the little beastie?

  18. Oh Fin, you put in such a heart waring performance!!! Bravo!!! I know who to go to when the CCSI needs a screenwriter.

  19. Hi Fin, we have an entry that will post at midnight tonight...my mom is not very good at screenwriting, but it's her first try!

  20. That was pawsome!!!!!

    So much love!

    I was trying to work on my Acatemy post but I doubt I will be able to do it as the wee lad's birthday party is tomorrow. I told the PM she should just have it at MacDonalds and let someone else do the work but she just glared at me.

    I tried....

    Purrs goldie

  21. This comment is going to be full of praise. I love the new look of the blog - fantastic!. I love this post, cute and clever. I love the idea of the Acatemy Awards, good luck eveyone. Good work baby sis.
    I wanted to point out that my latest post features a very cute cat moment, please check it out.

  22. Great job saving your mom from the evil jingle ball! I'm glad your mommy recognizes your heroism. Great scene! (Your mommy really is an amazing writer.)

  23. Hi Fin! Bravo, as usual!!! Wonderful screenplay!

    We wanted to let you know we have posted our entry for the Acatemy Awards!

  24. We have entered your contest Fin! We hope you will like it=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  25. I entered my movie to acatemy awards!

  26. You could be a meowie star! Great episode!
    Peffe & Lussie

  27. Yes Fin, the movie short and story go together. Mommy wasn't sure if the youtube short would work because she used the HD youtube upload. We wish there was a way you could add to a post you already put up. Maybe it is due to the style we chose. Thanks for your very nice comment of our story and movie short. =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  28. I finally got mommy to get out of bed and help me post my entry for the Acatemy Award! It is an oldie but a goodie . . . my review of "Sweeney Todd."


  29. Oh Fin!! We don't mind at all!! Mom didn't even think about the Valentine Videos!! Thanks for helping us!
    Your FL furiends,