Well I am beat. As you can see I'd had enough of the Pawparrazzi.
Mom has a bit of a headache (and threatening an early bedtime). Daddy is watching some fancy dog show on TV and it's making me very nervous... Don't get any ideas. I better get snuggling both of them so they forget all about cute, furry and obedient pets. I mean disobedient, err independent cats are really best.


  1. I'm a bit knackered after the ball, too!

  2. Big kiss on your sweet noggin ... Purrs for your Mom & woof to yer Dad!!!

    Pawparrazzi had taken the day off here too.

    The Whippy Curly Tails


  3. Hi Fin...the pawpawrazzi can be such a drain. Enjoy your snooze!

  4. Fin, you are so pretty! Mommy was watching the dog show too, she likes to see the standard poodles, collies and huskies. Why don't they have cat shows on TV?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  5. See Fin?! They get crazy ideas anyway, so what do you prefer: a woofie or a kitten? Phew, I'm glad, mom got me a kitten - eh, Chilli, I mean Chilli, of course.
    Purrs! Relax...

  6. Hi Fin!
    Dose hoomins are sooo very very unpredictable. D*gs, snort, whaddever they wanna look at d*gs fur? If they evur bring a woofer home to da house better start luking to rehome those hoomins!

    Peffe & Lussie

  7. We are purrty tired too after all the dancing at the ball...

    Our mom watch that same doggie show...but she assured us that she only looks!

  8. Rosie said her feets hurt after all the dancing!

    We do not understand the appeal of watching woofy shows. We are much more interesting.

  9. Every so often the woman makes noises about adopting a dog, so we distract her with our diva kitty charms. So far it's working.

    Ms. P and Cinza

  10. Yeah! That was SOME party, eh? WooHoo!


  11. We don't know about the dog thing. Some cats (Tama-chan springs to mind) seems to have it worked out.

  12. As long as they keep the woofies on tv, all will be well.
    We thought your ball picture is very beautiful. Are your paws sore from dancing?

  13. I think cats are the best pets too but what do you do when a dog invades your house? Hope it does not happen to you.

  14. What is it with daddys and dogs? Mine keeps talking about one too. But everytime he does my mom starts talking about how I would really like a little brother to share my neighborhood with...that usually stops the doggy talk!

  15. It was our Mommy that wanted the doggie. And boy did we get one. He is even floofy. We likes him best when he is sleeping. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

    Tell your Daddy puppies are a lot of WORK. ~Alasandra, who is exhausted

    We are worth the effort though. ~Fenris

  16. Doggy Shows, what's that all about? Even the winner couldn't hold a candle to your loveliness Fin, I wouldn't worry.