DTHC - It's a Short Trip

My new friends Cliff and Olivia have started an official campaign to Drive The Humans Crazy (DTHC). Well as you can imagine, this is right up my ally, as I have been waging my own campaign for - well, my whole life really. Cliff and Olivia had some great ideas, but I thought I would add some of my own fully tested suggestions:
  • Pretend that you love your new food when they bring home the "Test Can." but when they buy the full case - pretend they bought the wrong kind and that you don't like it anymore.

  • When they feed you (after a full 1/2 hour of mewling) just lick the gravy off, then paw around your dish (like you are burying it for later) before you abandon it.

  • If your food is really smelly, make it last as long as possible - nothing says Home like the smell of ocean whitefish and shrimp.

Good fun. Oh I could go on and on. You know, I could write a book - wait I did write a book (glares at ghostwriter and hopeless slacker).

Now I am off to get ready for the inaugural ball for Coco (our new Cat President) tomorrow. I've been given the position of Secretary of the Interior in the new cat government. I'm so excited.


  1. Save a seat for me at your table! Yes, I hope there is roast chicken, but only after a cheese platter appetizer!

  2. Congrats on your position and those are great suggestions for DTHC; we will have to try them!

  3. Hahaha! Fin, those are good ones sure to drive the humans crazy!

    We'll see you at the ball!

  4. I am not going to the ball...?

    Huffle Mawson

  5. Cal is a master at #1! Our mom is expecting a shipment of foods on Tuesday. She's also expecting him to turn his nose up at it and walk away.

  6. Ha! I do this pawing around the dish thing, too! That's proper NFC upbringing, you don't want to leave hints of your whereabouts to possible predators. Not that there's anything for us to fear, but you never know. Concats Fin, for your post in the government!
    Purrs, Siena

  7. DTHC is fun! My favorite is the second one. I do that at least every other day! Haha

  8. Excellent ideas for driving humans crazy. Thank you for sharing them!

    Ms. P and Cinza

  9. Hai Fin!
    i just follwed your bloggie..
    can we be furriend?
    i have a gift for u my furrriend!
    go to my blog and take it!

  10. hi Fin! I luf the gravy. It's the only thing i like. And when i'm done licking it off i pretend to bury whtever is left. And if there's anything close by, like a plastic bag etc. i pull it over whatever is left of the fud. I also like pulling stuff into myown toilet. Anything to cowerup whatever i did in there.. I speshually like to pull my meowmies pj's in there... snicker..

  11. We do that too and it drives mum mad. She has got all different sorts of Stinky Goodness that we won't eat.

  12. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
    Those are great and guaranteed to DTHC!!!!!!!!! I love it :)
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Fin, I have been doing that to my mom for ages, especially the "test can" idea.

    Can't wait to see you at the ball tomorrow.

  14. Thanks for the suggestions. We're sure they'll help. Olivia already does the licking of the gravy, but then Cliff finishes the food, so the human don't really get crazy over that.

    We'll try the smelly food trick, but it is very difficult for Cliff to let the food last for more than a few seconds.