Madame Secretary

Today is the Cat Inaugural Ball.
Any cat want to come with me? I think I'm allowed to invite guests - I'm probably breakin a rule but I live for that.

Here I am (ready for the Red Carpet) - pretty fancy huh?

I'm excited about my cabinet post as Secretary of the Interior. I'm gathering up my paint chips and carpet samples so I can spruce up interiors everywhere. I'll be starting here at the H.C. but I plan on branching out to help kitties everywhere with their interiors too.

Don't worry kitties, unlike Mommy, I am willing to chose colors that don't go with my coat. Have you ever noticed that almost everything in my world matches me? Odd huh. Seems someone is very taken with a certain color combination.


  1. You are so fabulous Fin! My mom could use some help on her interiors...and I'm stuck inside looking at it all the time! Everything does go with your fur!

  2. You'll be on best dressed lists all over the world, you stylish ladycat, you.

  3. You look stunning, Fin! Those bows are just right on you.

  4. FIN!!! We are so going to steal that picture and put it on our blog! There's nuthin' you can do about it! YOU.LOOK.LOVELY!!!!!!!

  5. Ha! We stole it already and it's up on our blog. Squuuuueeeeeeee!!!

  6. Awwwwwww, Fin. you look wonderful! As Minister of Floofy Affairs, I say you can bring anyone you want to the ball!

  7. We love your portrait, Fin! Too cute with those bows in your hair!

  8. Fin u look Fantabulous!
    have u take a gift from me?
    i have it on my blog Fin!

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  10. Fin dear, you look wonderful and we know you'll do a fine job in your new cabinet position.

  11. Oh Fin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You look pretty fancy indeed!!!!!!!!
    You are in a most suitable post all right!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  12. Little red bows on your ears!

    Oh, oh, ohhhhhhh!

    *faints clean away*