Happy 4th of July!?

Mom: Guess what Squeaks? Tomorrow is the 4th of July!!

Quill: Okay. ::Yawns, and tilts head:: So, that means the day after is the 5th of July!

Mom:  Well sure, but no one is really that excited about the 5th.

Quill: I don't understand, is the 4th really that different than the 3rd or the 5th?

Mom: Yes! America celebrates its birthday on the 4th.

Quill: Does America have a party? Wait, America isn't coming to the house right?

Mom: No! Everyone kinda celebrates - separately.We're gonna watch movies all day and take a family nap in the afternoon. At night we're gonna watch fireworks.

Quill: That sounds good... right up to that last part. Didn't you say I needed to avoid fire?

Mom: Yes! Absolutely! Fireworks are different... well sorta. Actually, you may not like them too much, it's kinda loud. Finny used to spend the night in the closet.

Quill: Well, as long as I can scurry to my Kitten Lair behind your chair, and get extra kitten biscuits, I'm in! Will I get milk with my cake?

Mom: What cake?

Quill: You know the birthday cake...

Mom: Yeah, about the cake... there's not really any cake.

Quill: Humans are confusing.


  1. Poor Quill. You probably need extra love and treats tomorrow. Happy 4th of July, furriends.

    Pee Ess - humans are VERY confusing!

  2. What, no cake? Your human did not know that all kitties get TUNA CAKE on Independence Day? You had better let her know!

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Quill. Humans sure ARE very confusing!
    Happy 4th!!

  4. Yeah...what's a birthday without cake? You'd better start changing the rules, Quill. purrr...meow!

  5. We definitely agree that birthday cake is a must for a 4th of July celebration. Hiding under the bed from the fireworks sounds would be much more enjoyable with a yummy piece of cake to nom.

  6. We think you must put your paw down and insist on special foods and cuddles Quill. Happy 4th of July to you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Waydaminit! If she said birthday...there should be cake!

    We hope you all have a great 4th of July!

  8. I agree with Island Cats.. there so should be cake :)

    Happy Fourth Quill

  9. I love the way you see the world through Quill's eyes! Oh to be so innocent again!

    Happy Independence Day to you!

    And you might want to check out Quill on the LOLSpot.

    Just a question -- is Quill a brown tabby or is he grey? It's difficult to tell from the pictures. And by the way, the extra large ears are a Maine Coon feature, too. It's quite likely he's a Maine Coon mix. I bet he's going to be suPURR floofy.

  10. WE totally agree with everyone Quill that you should have cake on a birthday and today is a mighty big birthday so that means a mighty big cake. We love cake too. Happy 4th to you Quill and all of your family including Angel Finny. Take care.

  11. Oh poor Quill, you are in for a bit of a shock! We had loud kaboomies in the neighborhood last night and Figaro tried to hide in the closet. Maybe Big Fig will teleport over and hide in the closet with you!

  12. Happy 4th. So you're just finding out humans are confusing?

  13. We agree, Quill! What's a birthday without cake???

    Happy Fourth, sweet friends!

  14. NO cake? Huh. You might need to yak up a hairball or two in protest. Wait - can you make hairballs yet?

  15. Drats no cake.

    Happy 4th efurryone!


  16. Quill is such a smart cutie. Hope he had a quiet and fun 4th.

  17. Hope you had a Happy 4th - running late cuz Mom had to work!

    Cats of wildcat woods