Hey Kid

Angel Fin: Hey kit! Kit!

Quill: ::Rubbing sleep from eyes:: Uh? Oh hi Finny.

Angel Fin: You're doing great kid. You have em eating out of your paws. I was wrong about that squeaky meow too. They really respond to it.

Quill: Thanks Finny. Your approval means a lot to me.

Angel Fin: And jumping right into the The Great White Ham Safe! That is impressive moxie!

Quill: I still haven't gotten any ham yet, but I figure it's better to just dive in while you can. 

Angel Fin: I had to chuckle when you demoted Mom to Fur and Make-up, but you need to rethink that for day-to-day operations. I KNOW how frustrating she can be, but Cod love her, she does try.

Quill: But it takes her forever to try to focus! I'm a kitten, and I can only sit still for so long.

Angel Fin: Give her a chance kid. I mean you can always take off a few points on her purrformance review. On another topic, I think it's time for a blog makeover.

Quill: Are you sure Finny? ::Bows head with respect:: It's still your blog.

Angel Fin: Nah kid, I will always be here to guide you, but you need to be on the masthead. Now, for something like this I think you do need to hire out. I don't know if you've seen Mom's blog (Hart Stories by Meg S Hart), but clearly she needs some REAL help in the graphic department. She already deleted my header in an unfortunate layout incident. Look Squeaks, find something to scratch on, and I'll give you a name kit.

Quill: Can I use Mom's arm?


  1. We are excited to see the new blog makeover, but know Fin will be there somewhere still.

  2. It's always sad to do a makeover like this. We want our furries to live forever with us. We will always love Fin - and Quill too.

  3. pssst! Squeakers! Wanna raid the ham box together? I'll be right over... ~Sly

    We are excited to see a makeover! As long as it's Fin-approved, of course.

  4. I so need a make over too. I can't wait to see yours!

  5. Quill...looks like Fin thinks you're ready for the big time! YAY!

  6. Oooh! A Make over! That is always so cool! And Quill, me thinks yous has both angel fin and your mommy wrapped!
    Way to go kid!

  7. Quill, you're doing fine and really getting the hang of this blogging stuff. How lucky you are to have the guidance of Angel Fin. She left you some big paws to fill - and it seems you're up to the task. p.s. I must compliment your 'FloofLET'.


  8. We think sumhow the both of you will be in this blog. There's room for lots of love! We can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck!

  9. Ah Fin my angel furriend....so good to see you continue to have a guiding paw in Quill's upbringing. We are sad to see the change but know this is the right thing to do. Can hardly wait to see the makeover!

  10. I can't wait to see your blog makeover, Quill!

  11. Ooh, we can't wait to see the blog makeover, either! It'll be great, we know!

  12. We think you've settled in well Quill and your paws are clearly starting to take control.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. that was nice of Fin to hand over the reins - we know she will always be a part of this place. :)

  14. We sure miss you Fin, but you are sure doing a great job guiding the Quill master!

  15. Quill is SO lucky to have Angle Fin looking over him. She's an excellent teacher. ...and clearly an expert in ham-safe exploration.

    Can't wait for the makeover!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  16. Ann @ Zoolatry does great work on blog headers and stuff. And Quill we are very impressed with how fast you got the parents under your paw.

  17. Laurie and the "Girls"July 2, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Thanks Quill keeping up the tradition of making us smile! Although I was relatively new to Angel Fin's blog I became a fast fan and I am quite a big fan of yours to!

  18. Oh Quill we are so glad you have Fin's approval. But just so you know we do love you but it brought a little tear to Mom's eyes to think of Fin's blog having a make over. But we do like the new header. And Quill we know you will do such a good job. Take care now.

  19. Quill we know your makeover will be guided by Angel Finny and you'll be able to blend both of your spirits together.


  20. You are doing great Quill. The squeak, yeah, it melts their hearts. I got one too.


  21. Fin you are such a great Angel Kitty taking such good care of Quill and letting him change the look of the blog. We do want you to still be here somewhere Fin...it's only right that you are!

  22. Oh wow--we know the Devine Ms. Angel Fin will have such a paw in ALL of this. I had to smile at Quill's chat with the Devine One--I hope they do continue. :) So we wait to see what the lady comes up with..get your cat treats ready!


  23. Quill my little pal...hope you don't have to find out what C/D stands for. It's prescription food. For bladder issues.

    May you always be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.