Cat-O-Lympics - Human Sport

Jim: Well Friends, Cat-O-Lympics is officially underway here at the H.C.

Bob: Really Jim? Because it seems pretty quiet for opening day.

Jim: Oh no Bob, that couldn't be further from the truth. What you're seeing is the Human Procrastination event.

Bob: I hear this behind the games event is hotly contested! Let's get right to the, er, action Jim.

Jim: It looks like the human Mom is working on... this very post Bob! This effort may get her disqualified...

Bob: Oh no Jim! She's a veteran at this sport! Looks like she switched to reading her pals blogs!

Jim: That was close Bob! But it looks like she's reached the end of her blog list. ::Whispers:: Will she get back to writing this post?

Jim: NO! She makes a quick adjustment in the internet browser, and it's the classic Ebay distractor!

Bob: This cat mom is taking it to the mat! I see she's dismounted the lounger and she's on her feet. Looks like it's a kitten snuggle and - is that a snack?

Jim: Yes Bob!! For herself and one for the little one! Wait, she's remounting the lounger, and she's placing the laptop on her lap. I think this round may be over!

Bob: No Jim!! She's fighting back! She's picked up the Kindle!!

Jim: Oh Bob it looks like this procrastinator has met her match, the battery on the Kindle is dead!

Bob: That was a real claw biter Jim! Looks like the first Cat-O-Lympic post is going out!!


  1. Quill, our Mommy could give your Mom a run (dawdle?) for her money! That is, if she got around to it.

    HURRAH! We LOVE Jim & Bob!!!!!!

  2. A claw--and human nail--biter for sure! Wow!

    We, too, love Jim and Bob. Wish they could be in London, doing the human Olympics. They'd be the best broadcasters, hands and paws down.

  3. welcome back guys!!! can't wait to see the "first" event. MOL

  4. You know, you just reminded MY human that both her iPad and Kindle need recharging. Uh, thanks.

  5. That is they way it should be called guys, welcome back!

  6. Whew!!!!! We were worried for a minute there. Nice to see you again Jim & Bob, we have been waiting all year.

  7. I think I miss a lots of thing here !
    First of all, Hello Quill, Very nice to meet you !!! I'm Puddy !

    Jim and Bob, I may not know you guys but you are cool !

    Love your mom kindle's cover !!!

    and Me and mom have a special note for Mom Meg.
    Mom Meg, We are terrible friend. We didn't know about Fin. We are deeply sorry. We leave a comment for her on her last post. Please except our apology to be very late. We love love Fin.

    Many Hugs to you

  8. Whew! We were afraid that we would never see an Olympic post!!

  9. MOL!!! We see your mom and ours must be related!!

  10. That was a close one! WE don't know if Mom's up fur all this excitement. MOL!

  11. We demand a drugs test. That was an unbelievable performance!!

    Mol Thanks for the big laugh!!

    PeeEss You'll be pleased to know Austin's Mr Tail is now under control!

  12. Well done Jim and Bob. You two are the best and we are so glad to see you back. This is so much fun. Take care.

  13. Your mom might not be eligible for Olympic competition, Quill. It's clear she is a professional! :)

  14. How cool is THIS!!!???

    That's US on your screen!!!!!!!!!!! We are sooooooo flattered!!!!!!! Wooo hooooooo!

    I think we need to enter my Mom in the procrastination event, that is for sure!

  15. Thanks for your kind words about Harry.
    Quill is growing SO FAST! So cute!

  16. We were on the edge of our seats!!!
    Had Glogirly known that procrastination was a recognized Olympic sport, she'd have definitely qualified. Unless of course she procrastinated the application process.
    heh heh
    xo, Katie

  17. Wow! I don't know Jim and Bob, but they are cool! And I will keep watch...but this human procrast...thingy...it must be catching...we have it here at my house too...both the staff! Especially now that THEIR olympics are on the TV

  18. BOL! Oh Hilarious! A real nail biter! Hahahhahaha! What fun :D

    Waggin at ya,

  19. Is it too late fur our mom to enter? LOL