Cat-O-Lympics - Hiding Part 2

Bob: Glad we were able to take a break... who knew this event would be so popular. And we'd barely scratched the surface with the Under category and the always inventive freestyle.

Jim: Well Bob, hiding is a natural catlete behavior. I'm just glad we're not hosting any of the napping events.

Bob: That's for sure Jim! Now let’s get to the action with our first catlete Chilli of Cat with a Garden with the rug apparatus.
Jim: Well Bob, the judges should be very impressed with this strong performance. This could have almost been a disqualification, but the show of the tail and the obvious interest from sister Siena saved Chilli. Wait Bob, I’m getting word from the judges that a visible lump would also have been acceptable.

Bob: Wait? Just a visible lump is acceptable? How would they even know it was a cat?

Jim: Well Bob, apparently the lump does have to be cat-sized or cat-shaped. As demonstrated by the next competitor Katie from GloGirly.

Bob: Very impressive performance. I'm glad we were able to see the under the cover angle. I understand another competitor has taken the arena, let’s get right to the action with another under the sheet catlete Tim from Random Felines.

Jim: The classic toes and tail manuever! A smart choice in the blankie division. Here's Joey on the blankie division.

Bob: It's a bold Tail and Tock showing! Now for the opposite end of the catlete we have Cedar.
Jim: Look how how Cedar presses into the carpet to hide from Mr. Mouse.

Bob: Cedar is determined! Looks like Ernie is ready to answer this call to action.
Jim: Well Bob, this entry should get high marks for intention. Ernie of The Island Cats looks very determined here. Look at the degree of difficulty. He’s using the smallest rug in the competition!

Bob: I understand this is winning extra favor with the judges because we can see clearly that he’s preparing for a pounce. I think we know who Ernie is after…
Jim: It’s sister Zoey! A very impressive entry in the tunnel category! And look how she boldly goes with a two-third visible entry! But Ernie isn’t going to take that lying down!
Jim: I take it back Bob! Looks like he is going to take it lying down! Look at the cheek in this shot! I’d say it’s almost a full three-quarter cat showing here

Bob: A very bold choice with the full bed to hide under available to him.

Jim: Indeed Bob! And you’ll see his eyes show the clear surprise at being caught.Looks like Mario of Mario  Da Cat is not going to let that move go unchallenged.
Bob: It's another Toes and Tail, and this time the kitty is almost visible through the lace. Looks like little Chilli has him on the ropes with this next move!
Jim: Holy Cod Bob! Look at the extra-cute style points here! Full toe exposure! And look at that little nose! But wait, she’s not even done!
Bob: Chilli’s really pushing this event to the limit! It’s a true “In Your Face” maneuver!

Jim: This little catlete is a real competitor! And here's another strong little catlete answering the challenge,
Bob: But I think Ayla of Mark's Mews is not going to let that call to action go unanswered.
Jim: And Ayla puts in a strong final performance! I think we see the reason clearly here! I was wrong, looks like there is another purrformance.
Bob: Jim, I'm confused here... is this a two-tailed catlete?

Jim: No Bob! I'm getting word there is a rarely seen, double-hide using the Cabinet apparatus from Truffle and Brulee of Sweet Purrfections.

Jim:Whew Bob! This has been a real claw-biter! I'm glad all the participants are getting gold!!


  1. Wow, what a show of competitors! I never saw such style. I'd give all the Catletes and big 10 MEOWs.
    - Cedar's Mom

  2. Great competitors! We're so thrilled to be participating in our first Cat-O-Lympics.

  3. |wowzers! What a slate of competitors! Yous guys sure did well in your judging!

  4. Awwww!! Mario you are looking SO cute! But I have to say, those sweet purrfection girls! *swoon*

  5. Wow, brilliant! *Loud applause*

    All the competitors were outstanding!

  6. At this rate gold medals will be soon be in very short supply.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Hooray everyone, that was fantastic!!!!!

  8. OMC!!! I love the cat that's half in the bag!!!!


    Great commentary, Jim & Bob! You guys are the best part of the Cat-A-Lympics!!!

    xo, Katie ::continuing my under-cover training::

  9. The link for Mark's Mews is off..

    They are all wonderful entries, and Katie is right, the cat that is half in the bag is a riot..

  10. That was such a lot of fun to see all those kitties hiding. We are so glad they all won gold medals because they sure did deserve them. Bob and Jim, you do such a good job.

  11. All that humping practice has paid off!!!

  12. *whew*
    That one is gonna be hard to judge.
    So many worthy contestants.


  13. I see a very hard decision here. They're all good hiders.

  14. Cats are great hiders, enjoyed looking at all these pics and I agree, we all deserve Gold! It was really hard choosing which hiding pictures to enter for this competition.

    We also like you wonderful commentary! Thank you for hosting this!

  15. hee hee! definitely all Gold medalists! such a fun event and commentary, Jim and Bob! Thanks!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  16. MOWZERS, that was a real nail biter for sure! CONCATS to all teh Catletes!!

  17. Superb hiding skills demonstrated by these star athletes! Jim and Bob your commentary is commendable to say the least :) VERY entertaining! Fun Event :) Thank you again for Hosting it!

    Waggin at ya,

  18. We love this event! Everyone worked so hard to get it just pawfect too.

    You are excellent broadcasters and we are really enjoying it all.

    Lily Belle

  19. Pawswome entries!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi