Cat-O-Lympics - Hiding Part 1

Bob: Well Jim looks like we’re here for the ::rustles papers:: Hiding Event! Wait, Hiding Event Jim? What’s this going to look like? Black cat at midnight? White cat in a snow storm? Heh, Heh.

Jim: No Bob. To avoid just that, and lots of random cat-free photos, the rules of the Hiding event are simple:
The Catlete’s intent must be to hide, and some portion of the catlete must be visible to the judges, so they can see the competitive entry. And to be clear - the catlete has every opportunity to change up the the apparatus at anytime, and any species is welcome.

Bob: Let's get right to the hiding then! First up we have the bush apparatus and Derry from Fuzzy Tails.

Jim: Look at the sheer will of that hide Bob! What an impressive showing! Looks like Derry isn't the only bush hider in this family Bob. Let's take a look at Nicki.
Bob: Jim these are some bold hiders in this family! It's an impressive use of the bush apparatus for both mancats. It's a "I dare you to see me" double hide!

Jim: Now we have Devon from Four Crazy Cats in the bushes.

Bob: Are you sure this is the right photo Jim? I'm not sure I see the catlete here..
Jim: Yes Bob. ::Whispers:: Black cat in the middle of the frame. Now let's take a look at our next bush hider. It's the veteran Ginger Jasper!
Bob: WOW! It's like these catletes just challenge you to see them! Look at the dare in that eye, er, eyes! Looks like Dante of All About Lacocoon Dante is rising to the challenge.

Bob: Looks like this catlete is trying to hide from the pawparrazzi here Jim! I bet this happens all the time.
Jim: ::Shuffles paper:: Wait Bob I'm getting news that we have some, er, dogletes in this competition.

Bob: Dogletes? Let's take a look at Robo the Ninja Dog from Raising Rama in the bush apparatus.
Jim: So impressive Bob! Lasers on stun, and "I dare you to notice me" hide! And now the, er, other end of the doglete spectrum we have Roo from Roos Doin.

Bob: It sure is an impressive hide Jim! It's a "I don't see you" hide. Doglete? What doglete? Now on to our next catlete, Spunky Doodle from Right Where We Belong.

Jim: Well Bob look at the spunk of Spunky Doodle! This may be a 1/4 hide, but look at that catitude! I understand Spunky Doodle is not the only hider in this family.

Bob: No Jim, we also have Manny in an Under The Dresser 2/3 hide.

Jim: Look at the steely determination in that eye! I'm sure glad everyone is getting gold in this highly competitive event! Looks like we have Meow Me from Whisppy.

Bob: Looks like she is completely hidden from Felix. Sibling hiding is a very popular training technique for this event. Now we have Teddy from Huffle Mawson - Explorer Cat.

Bob: It's an impressive showing Jim. I don't know that a black cat, such as fellow housemate Huffle, could have pulled off this impressive hide.

Jim: I see your point Bob, but I'm sure Huffle needs to use her hiding powers from Teddy. Heh, heh. Now, let's see who's next in the line up... ::Covers mic:: I think this event needs to be a two-parter Bob.

Producer: Alright gentlemen, let's continue this event tomorrow.


  1. Those are all amazing purrticipants, and good call guys!

  2. What excellent entries! As you say, how good they will all get gold, because it would be impossible to differentiate.

  3. Simply amazing! These athletes are so talented and skillful hiders!

  4. those are great entries!!! we couldn't pick a winner either - gold for everyone. :)

  5. Bravo!! The furbletes are all awesome!

    Judging is going to be next to impossible...Jim and Bob, you guys deserve commentary GOLD.

  6. Wow, there's some good hiders there!

  7. :D pawsome hiders! we love the commentary too! thanks for hosting the event. We can't wait for part two!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  8. Thiose is pawsome hiders!
    Wow, what competitions! My the best animal win.

  9. Wow, you got some great hiders there! Cant wait to see the rest!

  10. Pawsome hiders! Excellent commentary, too! We can't wait fur tomorrow!

  11. Wow! Talk about some pawfessional hiders! Wooooweee! I had to get out my magnifyin glass to find em :O Tough tough competition! Hmmmm...how are you going to 'find' a winner? ;P
    So Much FUN! Thank you for Hosting this GREAT Event! :D
    I'll be back later for part II. :)

    Waggin at ya,

  12. Great Post ! I learn lots of trick here ; )

  13. I was inside the bag all the way, but for the contest, my mom had to choose one that you could see me.

  14. Excellent cat and dog letes!! There is so much skill. It makes you breathless!!

    PeeEss We should have entered Tigger for this one!!!!

  15. Some of the FINEST athletes EVER assembled. BRAVO!!!

  16. Yes, bravo to all the entrants! Impressive hiding techniques, with the bush technique being very popular!

  17. Note from the mom: Meg, "Jim and Bob" make my day. Truly.

  18. Everyone did a great job of hiding!!

  19. The cats out the bag, us dogs know where to look to find you!! only joking we love cats

  20. Hiding is a great sport and it appears cats and dogs are equally talented in this event.
    Well done and we end by saying tag you are it...
    Madi hostess for tomorrow's Gymnastics event

  21. Awesome hiding techniques indeed!!!
    Especially all those bush-hiding catletes. I don't have any bushes inside the Townhouse.
    ; ) Katie

  22. Goodness, you two Jim and Bob so such a good job. Those are some mighty good at hiding themselves. That is going to be so hard to choose a winner.

  23. MOWZERS! What form! What style! What grace!

  24. Fantastic entries and how fabulous we all got a gold.. thank you so much for hosting this event..Hugs GJ xx

  25. Hooray for all the athletes. Such skill!

    Great commentary too, guys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  26. It's certainly very generous of the judges to give efurryone a Gold Medal! This is our kind of event. Whoo hoo!

    I agree that it's just too difficult to choose. They are all so amazing.

  27. Fabulous entries!!!
    Great commentary.
    Ever so much better than the televised commentary.


  28. Great entries, and once again Jim & Bob have narrated the competition perfectly!

  29. What a great turnout for this exciting event.

  30. Every single catlete and doglete did a great job!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi