Equal Time

Me and the family were sitting around the other day discussing how darn hot it is here, when Mommy mentioned something about the “Dog Days of Summer.” Normally I only half listen to her, but I did perk up when she mentioned dogs (just to ensure none were coming over). When questioned, Mommy explained no dogs were expected and that it was just an expression, like a “three dog night” or a “dog day afternoon.”

When were the cat days, I inquired? I was informed there are no official cat days. How was that possible? Mommy mentioned something about how every day was a cat day around here, but I’d started tuning her out by then.

Friends, I think we need some public relations assistance. We can’t let the dog lobby push us out. What about the “Cat Days of Winter” or “Multi-Cat Mornings” or dare we hope for “Caturday?” Let's aim high.


  1. In this case Fin, I think your Mommie has it right (rare for a human I know) that ALL days are Cat Days. It would be good to have some marked out as official days for extra treats and full ceremonial worship though, I do agree.

  2. Fin,
    Dogs get the big things. (as they should) cats get the little things like cat naps and catnip.
    Mans best friend FLOYD

  3. Yes Whicky Wuudler, full ceremonial worship would be so sweet!

    You know Whicky, if I can call you Whicky, I always really enjoy your comments, but I see you don't have a URL attached. Do you have a blog or are you just shy?

    I was even thinking of a post called "Who is Whicky Wuddler?"
    :-) Please keep visiting!!

  4. Oh no you didn't anonymous FLOYD!! I hope you enjoy CATURDAY!

  5. Fin (and Meg) please check out Auntie Jenny kayaking on Aunties other blog. http://branscombblog.typepad.com/

    Abby would like to send a shout-out to Floyd, sorry Fin.

  6. Aunt Jenny - What is going on here? The dogs are taking over the comments!! Come on kitties, we need reinforcements!

  7. Caturday! Yes, we should get our own day effury week...

  8. I'm pretty sure that it's unpleasant things that get named after dogs, so all the good things should be named for cats...

  9. Well, the dog days of summer are actually named for the Dog Star, Canis Major, which is high in the sky in August, but I get your point. I like the idea of the cat days of winter, when sitting by the fire is the best thing to do.

  10. Hi Fin, sure you can call me Whicky (between you and me I don't answer to the Wuudler bit, just to frustrate my humans hehe)

    I don't have a blog, because my humans are useless (they can't even manage to get a blogger log in working right, see, utterly useless) but I'm working on them all the time. It may happen one day.

    Now, what is it with all this dog action in the comments?

    *puffs up fur and tail*
    *arches back*

    Yeah, that's it doggies*, you run, run run!

    *I don't mind dogs at all really, I used to live with one =^..^=

  11. Well Fin, this isn't exactly a saying about days but it does have to do with weather like the "dog days" saying. We are mentioned when someone says "it's raining cats and dogs" ... and us cats do have top billing in that one! Hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  12. Yeah Reinforcements!! Mommy has to go to work now so she'll have to post later comments tonight when she gets home. I find this a bit irresposible but she assures me it's required.

  13. Well, Caturday is already here even if most humans don't know about it.

  14. Caturday is cool! How about Catmasday, too! We bet if we put our heads together, we could come up with a bunch more!
    Your (please Fay go away) FL furiends,

  15. I'm agreein' with ya'. I mean, there are phrases like: "there's more than one way to skin a cat" (forsooth!) "room to swing a cat in" (double forsooth!)We need some good soundin' stuff, or days, or somethin'!