Fine Feline Friday

Finally, look at this nice glamour shot. I'm a granny cat, but I think I can still rock a look. See how much my parents appreciate my coloring, they even matched the carpet to my coat.


  1. You are beautiful Fin! Striking a pose can be fun!

  2. Wow you are one floofy cat Fin! Thought I'd just drop in and say hi! So pleased you finally got some stinky goodness. You need to ask for liver and bacon in gravy - that stuff is the best! Stinky AND good!

    There are pupparazzi wars in my house too. It's very tiring being at war all the time. I've hired a bodyguard now.

    Huffle Mawson

  3. Fin the fabulous!

    Really, that's a stunning coat.

  4. Fin, you're such a purty kitty! And very floofy, too. My mom loves floof!

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  6. Hello Kittty Friends - Thanks for visiting, sorry it to so long to post your thoughtful and kind comments, Mommy and Daddy abandoned me for a stay-cation.

    Without my input Mommy has made me sound quite puffed with pride and really I only puff with indignation usually.

    Parker - **Blush**

    Tracy & Huffle - Wow that flavor sounds very stinky! A bodyguard... that might become required.

    Whicky - **Blush Again**

    Angus - Thanks Angus, not as lovely as your lady friend, but not to bad for a senior kitizen. Mommy loves floof too, but I usually get a hair cut in the summer time.

  7. We think you look lovely, dear. Of course, we're partial to grey!

    Tipper & Misty

  8. Fin, you are very beautiful! I like your floofy furs.

  9. You are quite beautiful indeed!! I don't know about photos, I think the flashy box does all of the work. All the LL does is say "cool lighting!". Its a Canon Rebel XT with macro lens most of the time.


  10. Aw shucks everyone, I may have to cover my face in shyness.

    Thanks on the camera tip, Mommy thinks it's the camera and not her skills that are lacking.

  11. You look gorgeous - love the floof! :)

  12. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts about Mr. Milky. Yes, his stroke completely destroyed his equilibrium. It was so sad; he was going in circles and backing up and falling and had terrible nystagmus, I think it's called, where his eyes just dart back and forth because he was so dizzy. We're hoping so much for the best.