Feasting Alfresco

Small compromises have been reached this week in both the Stinky Goodness and the Pawparrazzi wars. Critical mass was reached one night when I was dancing around Mommy's feet, begging for the feast, and she said she couldn't bear the smell (drama queen) or my begging anymore. In desperation she thought I might enjoy feasting alfresco on the patio. Well it turns out that she was right, it was very nice outside, once the blazing hot sun went behind our mountain. I could even enjoy viewing some nature between bites (who am I kidding, there were no breaks between bites, I got after that feast).

Mommy noticed that in my single-minded focus that she could snap away without my sprinting for the closet. Of course I refused to look at her, so small victories were mine all the way around. Hmm, look how glossy and soft my fur looks, maybe I should let her take my picture more often...


  1. Hello there Fin!

    You do look lovely eating in the great outdoors. I have never had stinky goodness outside, just mice and birds.

    I will have to demand that soon.

    Purrs Goldie

  2. Well done Fin. Looks like you cleaned that plate up well. Your fur does look luxurient and soft.

  3. Your furs do look very nice Fin but believe me, one the pupparazzi start they never give up. You need to get yourself a body guard like I have.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Huffle Mawson

  4. It sounds like a wonderful dinner all around!
    Mrs. OZ and Tintin
    (Karl has to help the CCSI executives in Africa - you can read about it at http://catnapsinitaly.blogspot.com)

  5. Hey, that's a nice arrangement--it sounds like you both ended up winners, Fin!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  6. you do look great in that photo. the flashy box isn't so annoying when one has a stinky goodness plate before him.

    i'm glad a compromise was made!!

  7. Well done, Fin! It takes a little time, but eventually they get it right! All you need now is a floor show and an aperitif!

  8. Hello Kittty Friends - Thanks for visiting, sorry it to so long to post your thoughtful and kind comments, Mommy and Daddy abandoned me for a stay-cation which you will hear all about in tomorrow's post. For now I'm busy giving the cold shoulder while I demand to be taken to your sites to see what's been happening in my absence.

  9. If I was ever given stinky goodness, which I'm NOT 'cause they're too CHEAP in this house, I'd eat it all without stopping between bites, too. That's the way I enjoy my Tem-ta-shuns...one gulp and it's gone!

    Max S