About this time of year my parents start talking about a little thing they call "Vacation" and what I call "Abandon the Kitty for an Extended Period." Imagine my delight when I heard them use the phrase "Staycation," and learned it meant my parents would be staying in town and not going anywhere. Well it turns out they still abandoned the kitty - they just did it at a shorter distance by staying at a hotel here in town.

"What about my blog posts?" I cried out, when I learned of this plan. Mommy explained we could write them in advance. She said she would even put in an extra Friday post - but without my direct input, she made me sound rather puffed up over myself. Worse yet, I was cut off from my new friends and their lives. Would Angus eat the spider, was Mr Milky okay (he isn't doing well, so my purrs out to him), who would place my vote for the Doing the Q contests?

I also had to wait to hear about the blogging meeting Mommy went to on Wednesday. Turns out she saw Lisa from Lifeprints and had a great time. Mommy brought two cans of my feast for Lisa's cats, Harry and Domino, but forgot the Temptation treats. Lisa even blogged about my gift and how much her kitties enjoyed it (a meow shout out to Harry and Domino).

Now that my parents are back at home, I've been keeping Mommy busy with lots of pets and online business. I'm forced to find the right balance between giving them the kitty cold shoulder and falling over them with gratitude that they have returned.


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  2. I too find that it's a fine balance to strike Fin. I like to alternate though, first use the "ignoring with utter contempt" tactic, this gets their emotional attention immediately, then gradually introduce the "I love you and am so grateful you are here all I can do is fall over and purr" moves. Works a treat, and incidentally results in me getting more treats ;)

  3. Go the cold shoulder. They'll be falling over you to apologise!

    Huffle Mawson

  4. Hi everyone! Huffle- I'm in the cold shoulder phase now which can include a peckish nibble too.

    Rohit-All the way from India, so nice to meet you!

    Whicky - As always, so insightful, I'm on it.

  5. We completely understand, Fin! It's awful for us when Mom leaves!

  6. At least they made it back home safely. I always worry when the humans disappear just in case they forget where they live. FAZ

  7. It is very, very hard when the mom goes away! My Mommie helped me make some posts before she had to travel to Wyoming this week.

  8. Yep, it's hard to find the right balance between ecstatic purr and aloof disdain. But it's important you keep them on their toes, Fin! I'm glad they didn't stay away long, tho'. That's no fun!

    Hey, thanks for mentioning me on your blog! That was awful nice of you, Fin!

  9. Hi, Fin! Sorry you was bandoned efun fur the staycation. My beans disappear, too. I can't stay mad cuz they gots the Temptations. Bonnie'd go back an forth like you, mad one minute, glad to see Dad the next. Nina hasn't had to do wifout them yet, but I'll be here for her.

  10. G & G - it is so unfair, but at least you two have each other.

    Faz - Thanks for coming by!!

    Daisy - Poor Daisy a whole week!

    Angus - So nice of you to stop by between spider kills.

    Victor T - Hi Victor I've been missing your voice, I voted for your Q tail. Good luck!

  11. I know how you feel. My mom was gone for 9 days and left me at home (the pet sitter did come by every day). She kept up my blog, but I had little input.

    Glad your mom and dad are back home.

  12. Very cool that your mom went to that blogging meeting. Her cats seemed to really like the stinky goodness!

    I'm glad your beans are back at home now!

  13. Hi Finn,

    I didn't know that your mommy had gone away. Next time I'll suggest that my house is open to you. Harry and Domino might like to have a guest..oh wait, now Harry is staring at me, "Say What?" Kind of like your response. But really, you are welcome anytime.

    It was great to see your mommy. You're a lucky kitty..but I'm sure you know that.

    Cuddles for you,

  14. Hi Lisa,

    Lisa, Harry and Domino

    Thanks for your thoughtful offer, I'm sure you and the boys would be delightful hosts. I hate to admit it, I'd be a bit of a scaredy cat to leave my house.

    Mommy just thinks the world of you, she says you have a bright soul.

    Purrs to you.