Well, It's Stinky All Right

Fancy Feast is in the house, and apparently it can be purchased right at the regular grocery store, who knew? Daddy bought the place out I think with multiple cans and varieties (note to Mommy - this is one reason Daddy’s my favorite).

After much excited dancing by my dish (on my part naturally), Mommy cracked open a can of Trout. I felt a little sorry for her because she looked like she might have a hairball of her own.

“Oh the humanity! I’m going to hurl, are you happy now?” She called out.

“Mew!” I replied hardily, meaning “Yep!”

Mommy put down my trout as she tried to hold back the hairball with two hands. I started giving it a hardy inspection, but I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about it. I was gingerly sniffing, when I noticed Mommy at the ready with the camera (she thought it would be nice to show me enjoying my first feast). Well as you can imagine, I don’t like to be rushed – and she knows the pawparazzi war isn’t over yet. I decided I needed a moment to regroup, so I made the universal gesture of “I’m not done here, I’ll be back for it later” by pawing the ground all around the plate in an effort to bury the feast.

“Oh no you don’t little cat, you’re eating that – and don’t wake me up in the middle of night with that on your cat breath either.” Mommy called out as she ran from the kitchen to the freshness of the outdoor air.

After picking at it for a while, even I had to admit trout wasn’t for me and I abandoned the area, my head hung low in embarrassment. Mommy (smugly) put it outside for Mittens to find. She also made Daddy take out the trash like it held toxic waste, all over a little trout (What a drama queen!). We were all very upset.

We had found the stinky, but where was the goodness? The goodness my friends was finally found, two varieties (chicken and a mystery meat I still don’t recognize) and some cross words later, in a little can called Tuna and in one called Ocean Feast. I found them quite tasty and stinky, in a good way.

Although I hate to admit it - I think Mommy might be right (another reason I prefer Daddy) I am spoiled and I do prefer Daddy’s flakey white tuna (it's even dolphin safe). I’m torn. If I eat the feast will I be denied the other? I can’t chance it - Eat up Mittens, I’m holding out for the good stuff.


  1. Hi Fin! Thanks for visiting us. We love Fancy Feast, but only 3 flavors; blue, green and orinch. hahaha!

  2. Dude. How are you? Stinky goodness. We have numerous brands of that stuff here. Also several brands of dry stuff here also. With 10 cats on board, we have varied tastes. Very nice to meet you. Read down through your blogs and you seem like an interesting poodin.

    Luf, Us

  3. Hi Fin, if you eat half the Fancy Feast, then this will confuse your humans. They will then provide you with some of the flaky tuna. Best of both worlds!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, Fin!

    I'd like to see you review the Nature's Variety raw food medallions my mom gives us sometimes. It's got little pieces of *bone in it! ;-)

    That was a funny review!

  5. So nice to see all the kitties.

    Gandolf and Grayson - I wonder what flavor orinch is?

    Forty Paws - Wow, 10 kitties- oh 40paws that's funny. I'm a dudette by the way, I guess Mommy hasn't made that clear enough.

    I'm struck by your suggestion Whicky Wuudler, I think you might be on to something.

    Lux - I'm happy to sample any treats my parents bring home. I'm glad you liked my review. I wasn't reviewing in a professional capacity.

  6. YES!! you got it! each kitty has their favorite stinky flavors.

    i really am intregued by Whicky Wuudler's suggestion. perhaps if you eat only half you would not be denied the tuna since you would still be hungry.

    i also think Lux has a great idea. if you start "reviewing" stinky goodness, you get to EAT more stinky goodness....

  7. I must admit, even we don't like the Trout Fancy Feast, and I'm a Fancy Feast hog. The Beef Feast is the best, I think, followed very closely by Fish & Shrimp (that WILL make your Mom hurl). Cod, Sole and Shrimp is a very fine flavor, too.

    Salmon...eh, not my thing, at least not that one.

    There's a lot of Goodness in MOST cans of Fancy feast. And it's WONDERFULLY Stinky!!!

  8. I'm a Fancy Feast fella, myself, and Tender Beef Feast (or 'brown' as Gandalf and Grayson would put it)is my favorite, although it's by no means the only flavor I eat. I went through a Gourmet Fancy Feast phase, but that didn't last too long..too many greens in that stuff!

  9. Wow Fin...you've found lots of feline friends in the blogging world. I'm so happy for you. My cats have to suffer through Friskies. I'm sure they don't feel very spoiled. Maybe I should take lessons from your Mommy and Daddy about how to truly treat a cat well.

    Love you blog,

  10. Fun blog.

    We have seven cats and one is diabetic so she gets to eat the stinky EXPENSIVE food from the vet's office. I can SO relate.

    I mix tuna w/the moist food and so far, so good. And, no retching at the smells.

  11. Mr Hendrix - Do you think I can get some kind of tasting gig?

    Max - Thanks for the advice, I'm adding your suggestions to my shopping list.

    Angus - Thanks for your calling attention to the Temptations too on your blog. I'm in love!!

    Lisa - Until I saw the other Kitty blogs I was very happy with my Friskies so unless you let your kitties read the blog I think you'll be in the clear. I'm sure they just enjoy the love!!

    Steves- Thanks for stopping by I think your advice sounds very good, for Mommy. I, of course, am getting fine with the stinky.