You might be...

I thought it might be fun to have my online friends play a game with me and finish this sentence “You might be an alley cat if…”

Think of it as the feline equivalent of a “You might be a redneck if…” joke. No offense to our alley cat friends of course, as my feline mother was an alley cat too. I’ll start:

“You might be an alley cat if you think of the whole kitchen floor as your food dish.”

Go on, give it a try and leave your versions in the comments section, and don't be shy my human friends you can join in too.


  1. Hello Fin. We saw you over at Kukka's comments and wanted to stop by to introduce ourselves. I'm George and at 11, I'm Senior Cat in our family. My sister Tipper is 5, Max is 4 and my little sister Misty is 2. Welcome to our cat blogging community.

    On the subject of spam, I'm currently waiting for my multi-million dollar inheritance to arrive! I hope it gets here soon, since I really want a stroller!

    I'd like to offer the following suggestion for your "You might be an alley cat...". Put your notice on The Cat Blogosphere. Everycat reads that, so you'll get more responses. However, mine is "You might be an alley cat if you don't have a birth certificate". Alas, I don't remember my catmom and sadly, she was an unwed mother so...yes, I'm an alley cat as are my siblings. But I'm PROUD OF IT!!!

  2. Thanks George and the crew, I'll be dropping by, maybe you'll be rich by then! Thanks for your suggestion on the Cat Blogosphere I was thinking the same thought, I just have to prod Mommy along tonight. Very nice come back my fellow alley family. Who needs a pedigree anyway?

  3. Fin - You might be an ally cat if you feel "Spam" is eating high off the hog. Have your dad catch a big fish from the dam for you.

  4. ha ha ha I just saw your link at the cat blogosphere page. Nice to meet you! as a former feral kitty, i looooooove this joke! the whole floor is my food dish! ha ha ha

    i'll have to come up with a good one. maybe i'll ask my evil alter ego Bendrix....

    i hope you'll come visit us sometime Fin!

  5. Hmmm. You mite be an alley cat if... you sleep unner a car on blocks in the yard.

    you mite be an alley cat if... you gots too many fleas to name.

    What's a pedigree? I was a shelter-shoebox kitten.

  6. Hello Fin! First we are sorry yoo did not get any Spam (da hammy kind) mom won't eat it but dad does and he always shares wif us. Sadie is an alley cat so we asked her and she sez "yoo might be an alley cat if yoo had a litter of kittens in an old trailer". She's sometimes sensitive about dat as she was a teenage unwed mother.

  7. Hi Fin!!! we just saw you over at the Cat Blogosphere and came right over. We love redneck jokes, so we thought we would give this a try. AND we loves making new furriends!!!

    If your nightly entertainment is rasslin for rodents, you might be an alleycat.

    was that good? or was that too, er, politically uncorrect? We doesn't want to offend anyone.

    Sammy and Miles Meezer and Billy SweetFeets Gingersnap

  8. Hello Fin, we saw your notice at the Cat Blogosphere, and had to come by and say hi.

    Here is our submission:
    "You might be an alley cat if...your idea of stinky goodness is a dead mouse found between two garbage cans."

  9. Hi there, Fin - it's great to meet you and we love your joke idea!

    Come visit us any time - we have a whole houseful of kitties here who would love to be friends with you!

    & everybody at Artsy Catsy

  10. If you think licking an empty can is haute cuisine, you might be an alley cat.

  11. This is fun!! Thanks for coming by and playing.

  12. Hi Fin! It is very nice to meet. We saw your link at the Cat Blogosphere.
    I am Samantha & Mr. Tigger is my brother! Let's see if we can come up with something.........
    You might be an alley cat if your whole family lives in a box behind K-Mart! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!
    Your FL furiends,

  13. Got anofur one.. not sure how to word it. If two alley cats get married, are they still cousins? Hmm. Needs werk.

  14. Hi Fin. I saw your notice on the Cat Blogosphere and thought I would come over. You might be an alleycat if you think what you find in restaurant garbage cans is haute cuisine.