Oh It's O-ah-n!

So my last post elicited this rude dog comment, I guess in an effort to protect dog turf. “Fin, dogs get the big things (as they should), cats get the little things like cat naps and catnip. Mans best friend FLOYD”

“Oh no little Floyd, this is my turf! Who let the dogs in?” I demanded to know. Well Mommy did of course. She said I needed to allow the comment, because it was sent from my granddog (the dog of my mother’s father – that’s a granddog, right?). Yes that’s right, my own granddog - wait I don’t care for grand and dog in the same sentence.

I was starting to settle down, when another comment came from my cousindog (the dog of my mother’s sister (?) oh whatever) giving a shout out to Floyd! How rude, my tail puffed in indignation.

I was finally settling down, until yesterday, when Daddy came in with the mail, and said I had a package (I forced him to open it by dancing around his feet until he could no longer ignore me). It was two packs of Spam! Oh boy, fan mail, with treats included, this blog thing was paying off in big ways. I was overjoyed, until Daddy read the note attached:


The old fellow that I allow to share my chair says I have to do this. While everyone that matters knows that “Spam” is a dog thing not meant for your kind, but alas the things we must do for our humans.

Floyd (A higher life form)”

Well that got my dander up (and yes I have a lot of dander). So I've been refusing the hammy treat on principle alone. Daddy commented that my relatives were just “Dogging” me – oh, here we go again. Well, I am going to “Cat” you Floyd, and rise above. I will eat your treat, I will post your comments, and I hope you enjoy Caturday.


  1. Oh man, Fin, you have a very cheeky granddog, don't you. Don't do anything you don't really want to do--that is the secret power of kitty-dom.
    Your new buddy, Jimmy Joe

  2. I have gotten Spam many times before. But I never tried eating it. Do you think it could be delicious?

  3. Hello Daisy, I was also confused by the whole spam situation. I tried to sort things out a couple of posts back. Apparently there are two kinds - the E-Spam isn't so tasty but when it comes in the regular mail it can be a hammy treat! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hello Jimmy Joe, nice to met you. I like your zen attitude. Thanks for coming by.

  5. ;That seems to me like the best way to handle the distressing situation, Fin.

    Happy Caturday!

  6. Spam is not Stinky Goodness. It is either mail you didn't want or ham that nobody wanted, only all smooshed together. We think it may also be called dog food.

  7. Gandolf and Grayson - I was commenting you while you were commenting me! You know I thought I recognized the smell. Sorry spam lovers, I do prefer the stinky goodness.

    Lux - Happy Caturday to you too!

  8. I do not care for either types of Spam...

  9. wow, you are certainly more principled than i am. you should be proud you denied yourself that spam for so long. was it good? i've never had it.

    don't worry, the cat world domination plan continues and then...well, all days will be ours!

  10. You know the old saying Fin - "you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family" ?

    I think it applies here!

    Hehe ;)

  11. Technically Whicky I did choose my human family, I called "Dibs" on my Mommy as soon as I saw her. I do love them all, even the sassy granddog. ;-)

  12. Fin - I Dare You!
    Yes, it is time again for another challenge from The Cat Realm! Come and check out the details on our blog.
    I hope you will accept the challenge and will eagerly await your entry!