Couch Conversations - Christmas

Mommy: Fin I notice you're flinging a lot litter out of your box and onto the floor, is there something that's displeasing you?

Fin: Well, thanks for asking, but no I'm just getting ready for Christmas.

Mommy (perplexed): What does Christmas have to do with your litter being on the floor?

Fin: I'm making a Sandy Claws Lane. I need to make sure I'm back on the Nice List, although my friends assure me Sandy Claws is very understanding and liberal with his list. I wanna be sure though so I'm making things nice and sandy, I think the raindeers use the Sandy Claws Lane to get traction.

Mommy (confused): Sandy Claws Lane? What are you talking about?

Fin: Hello! You know. Come on, that song you sing - "Here comes Sandy Claws, Here Comes Sandy Claws, right down Sandy Claws Lane?" Now if you'll excuse me I need to nap before I hang by the fire and stalk with great care.

Happy Holidays to all my friends, and may all your wishes come true.


  1. That is a good one, Fin! I need to set up my own Sandy Claws Lane here!

  2. That's brilliant! Sandy claws! hehehehe!

    Skittles, The Huntress

  3. Good work, Fin!!! Hope Sandy gives you lots of presents!

  4. Very wise, Fin. Your mom obviously hasn't a clue. Good thing she has you around to teach her.

  5. Oh, I get it! My three all do that!

    Merry, merry Christmas to you! :)
    from the topcatrules girls, Tigger and Trixie and Pyewacket. :)

  6. Awww Fin your is just too beautiful! hehe

    WE wish you all a very happy Holidays also :)))


  7. Merry Christmas!

    Shrek, Tom, Jerry, Shaka and Sheba
    (and their beans!)
    Cape Town

  8. And so just a day ago you were two paws on the naughty list, mmm? What an accomplish to get back onto the nice list!
    We concatulate you on your good work, and your thoughtful preparations for the raindeers.
    To Fin, and to all of Fin's family...
    Merry Merry Christmas!

  9. Sandy Claws Lane... hahahaha! We sure hope that gets you back on the Nice List, Fin! Merry Christmas Eve!

  10. I'm sure you never left the nice list Fin.

    Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you and your Mum and Dad


  11. I hope it was clean litter. ;P

    Have a wonderful Holiday, my friend.

    Purrs Goldie

  12. Fin, we're sure Santy Claws is gonna bring you lots of presents! 'Specially since you built that lane for him...

    Merry Christmas!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  13. You are so clever, Fin!

  14. Good idea, Fin. We all need to get busy with taking care of that here!
    ~ The Bunch

  15. Ha ha ha
    Santa Claus lane..
    We love it!

    Happy Holidays!

  16. Merry Christmas!

    Cliff & Olivia

  17. That is a great idea! I hadn't thought about that. I'll also make mommy put out extra cracked corn for the reindeer. She feeds the Vishus Deer that come to our yard so they aren't hungry for kitty...

    Merry Christmas Fin & Family!

  18. That's awesome, I'm going to have to use that! Merry Christmas!!


  19. Sandy Claws Lane! A brilliant idea!!

    The Princess Cinza also likes to spread sand all over the floor. It's an a la mood thing, depending on the theme of her latest litter box creation. (It's also fun to watch Mom clean up.)

    We're thinking a coffee table book filled with photos of her creations might be a good idea (one way to earn extra $$$ for ordering in pizza when the humans are out and about).

    Happy holidays to everyone in your household!

    Ms. P and Cinza

  20. Uh oh! I better get started making my own Sandy Claws Lane. Thanks for reminding us!

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  21. oh no! We have Sandy Claws Lane right here, but my silly mom keeps on sweeping it up. She is clueless!

  22. We did it too! Merry Krissmouse Fin! We is waiting fur Sandy Claws here to, we hope he brings some good stuff cuz we haf been mostly good.

  23. Fin, we hear you are on Santa's good list. Mom knows his elves ... She dated him last year! He says lots of catnip is in your future ... So fling that litter!!!

    The Whippy Curly Tails