Monday Meme

Well technically I've not really been tagged with the 8 random things meme, but it looked fun on my friends blogs. Since I usually break the rules anyway, why stop now.

  1. I rarely allow anyone to see me playing with my toys. I like to be taken seriously by my parents.
  2. When I was a kitten I loved to sleep right on Mommy's neck, for some reason I'm not allowed to do that anymore.
  3. Until recently I didn't want Daddy to know I snuggled on Mommy's lap so I'd never do it in his presence.
  4. My floof is very soft, like mink I'm told.
  5. I have never had a flea, we don't have them here in the desert.
  6. I don't like the wind, it sounds scary and it rustles my fur (we do have plenty of wind here in the desert).
  7. I like Nip, but only a little bit or I lose control (I even let the pawparrazzi take my photo).
  8. I like sleeping on hard cold things, kitchen and bathroom tiles, granite hearth, and my sink.

It seems like a bad week in the cat blogosphere for many of my friends, please know I am sending my best purrs and I hope everyone gets better very soon.


  1. Those are very interesting things about you, Fin. I don't like wind either, not even from the heating vent.

    I wish I could feel your furs. :)

  2. That's interesting that you like sleeping on hard cold things. Perhaps it's the desert heat. i like soft warm surfaces like beds, doona and fleece jacket.

    I can just imagine your soft fur. mine is soft too, but right now I am not so floofy because it's summer.

  3. Your mom does not appreciate a nice, fur scarf when she sleeps.


    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  4. I think you should pass on the secret about not having too much nip? How DO you manage it?

    Minky Fin huh? this has a ring to it. I hate the outside wind, but I don't mind the cooling fan.

    This has been most interesting Fin, you ought to write a book or something... Tee Hee!


  5. My furs are very soft too, Fin. Those are interesting facts about you. I'm glad you played!

    Huffle Mawson

  6. So glad you broke the rules and wrote your own meme!! We are so glad to learn these cool things about you, Fin!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  7. Wow, you live in the desert and there are no fleas. I like that. Do you get those coyote thingies too. I wouldn't like that so much. FAZ

  8. Gandalf started snuggling up to Mom's neck when he was tiny and he still does it! It's more on her shoulder now! Grayson is also very, very soft!

  9. Thanks for sharing, Fin! I STILL like to sleep on my mommy's neck, although she makes interesting strangling sounds when I do it.

  10. Haha! The newbie was trained by their fosters to perch on their shoulders. Now mom is trying to convince her out of that habit - of course without the slightest success. Maybe she has the same reasons as your mom?! I can relate to the "sleeping on hard surfaces" point, I do that too!
    Furry interesting facts Minky Fin!
    Purrs, your LSIF
    (Although, compared to the newbie, I am actually not that "little" anymore.)

  11. We all tend to like soft things to sleep on rather than hard, but we're cold weather kitties, so that may be why.

  12. I used to live in SW Kansas and I hated the wind!

  13. I like to sleep on the wood and tile floors in my house, too! Of course, I also like to sleep on the carpet and the sofa.

  14. Ohh Fin we was sure you had been tagged?? Geeze louseese my Momma is a dumb dumb... I am so glad you did it though it was great to learn those things :)
    hehe I has never had a flea either but we gets Revolution- izes every month and Momma says that gets rid of any wormies and all bad things in one squeeze!
    I haves very soft fuur too! :)
    hehe You sure is shy around your Dadda!! It is good to be taken seriously but it's no fun!! :)


  15. Hey, Fin...a lot of us lose control with the nip...

  16. Sniffie sleeps on Mom's neck and pillow. Wind is scary - we don't like it either.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. I canNOT imagine why you are not allowed to sleep on your mom's neck..you're a cat and you should be allowed to sleep anywhere you like! It's not like you're heavy or anything-that's all just floof and we KNOW that floof is very lightweight!

  18. Hmmm? You only like a little bit of nip or you lose control...Was there an incident? Did the papparazzi get incriminating photos?