Holy Crap!

Have I mentioned before that I live in the DESERT? Near Las Vegas!!
Do you see how shaky the camera is? It's because Mommy was still trembling from her drive home from work. Daddy went to get her and a 20 minute drive took almost three hours of white-knuckled slipping and sliding over hill and dale. Thank Cod they made it home in time to feed me!

Here is a better photo of my yard... and one of Daddy shoveling snow.

We may get another 6 inches of snow tonight ~~~ that's Mommy trembling again.


  1. Wow, everyone is getting snow...except I think Whicky Wuudler! So now that everyone is home and safe...have some fun!!!! We are hoping that ours doesn't melt.

  2. Stay safe! You guys aren't used to that white stuff.

  3. Whoa! I don't guess people in your parts are used to driving in the White Evilness. I hope it melts soon because snow really is something otherwordly and not from a good otherworldly place...

  4. Wow! It appears that everyone is getting snow and here we are in the 70s this week.

  5. Wow! Snow in the desert! And I KNOW that's not a gen-u-wine snow shovel your dad's usin'! Don't freeze, Fin, I'm coming!

  6. YIKES! Why??? Why when we're going there?

    I'm so sorry your mom was skeered. Mine would've been, too!

  7. Snow? In the desert? Has the world gone mad?

    Huffle Mawson

  8. Yeah Cory is right! No snow here :(
    Please send me your snow Fin, but I implore you to have a little pad about in it before your Dad shovels it all up and sends it to the UK.

    How gorgeous would Fin look in the snow?

    *goes weak at the knees*

    C'mon Fin of Finland, it's time to live up to your title!

    Seriously though, that musta been so scary for your Mommy and Daddy. Look at your fountain! I'm glad the feeshes are inside for the winter!

    Stay cosy, all of you.


    PS:..er, ask your Daddy to build you a snowcat.

  9. You got more snow than we did!! We are supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow. Mama hates that even more than snow.

    Keep warm & tell your mommy & daddy to be careful in that mess.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  10. Wow! Snow in the desert? Weather is just crazy everywhere! Our Grampy no longer owns a snow shovel, although for some strange reason he still keeps a windshield scraper in his truck.

  11. Welome to my world Fin! Enjoy the beauty of it, I bet it leaves you soon!

  12. We've nevereverever seen snow and we don't want to. Course, like you, our long floof would keep us warm, but we think our beans would go freakycrazymad if snow fell (we live in what they call the sunshine state yaknow). No wonder your mommy is trembling! (PS we loves your little guinea piggy, our grandbeans got some of them too).
    Lastly, we send Merry Merry Christmas wishes to each and every one of you.
    Maggy & Zoey, (and human, Ann)

  13. Dear Fin! I live in the desert of Washington state and we have 12 inches of snow right now! It is still falling!! WOW that you have snow is not too normal! Maybe you can make a few snowballs and store them in the freezer to bring out in 100 degree summer heat!?
    Stay warm and sweet greetings from Miss Peach

  14. Snow, you got snow in a desert! It's in the 70's here right now, we are suppose to get some more cold for Chris mouse, but we doubt we will get snow. ~S,S & C

  15. SNOW??? You got SNOW??? One of the reasons Mom talks about moving to the desert is to avoid the four letter s-word (unless she chooses to go cross-country skiing, in which case bring it on). The other reason is her asthma.

    The most important thing is that you were inside where it's nice and warm and still got fed on time. Did you go out to play in the white stuff or did you choose to observe from inside? Mom had a cat who liked to play in the snow.

    By the way, we read your screenplay and the sequel and enjoyed them very much. If Hollywood offered you enough money to use your script, who do you see playing you, your Mom and Dad?

    And thank you for telling us about The Racket. We should start a band. We're also thinking that the three of us should collaborate on a book. Humans love self-help; they could do with a little feline advice. Maybe Whicky and his family would like to join in.

    Big hugs,

    Ms. P and Cinza

    PS Sorry about the long comment.

  16. We heard about snow in Las Vegas on the radio this morning on the way into work. WOW. Do you know we are having a heat wave? It's 80 plus degrees here. In fact they said it was the warmest location in the country right now. Amazing...just amazing. We heard that they had to shut down your airport...wow.


  17. We always have too much here in the midwest, so we are pleased to share some with you. But yes, it sure does snarl up traffic & mess up plans.

  18. WHOA! I heard there was snow in Vegas but I didn't believe it...glad your Mom made it home!

  19. Oh my goodness, Fin, that is a lot of snow! I do not blame your mom for being nervous. In south Florida, sometimes we get torrential downpours, and my Mommie hates driving in that.

    Stay warm!

  20. Snow in the desert? Thats crazy talk! Stay safe! We hear that stuff is pretty cold!

    We have moved, our new blog is

  21. Oh man...mom is used to driving in dat stuff and it still freaks her out dat some beans drive fast and reckless. Just stay home and keep warm we'z sure it will melt soon unlike here where we will just keep adding and adding snow until it finally melts in April.

  22. Oh man...mom is used to driving in dat stuff and it still freaks her out dat some beans drive fast and reckless. Just stay home and keep warm we'z sure it will melt soon unlike here where we will just keep adding and adding snow until it finally melts in April.

  23. We hopes your beans stay safe, dry and warm!

  24. I read about that snow today! Yipes! No wonder your mommy was shakey. Mine hates driving in snow and we get it all the time here in Ohio.

    Stay inside where it is safe, warm and cozy! We hope it all melts soon.

  25. OMC!!! We can't believe you got all that snow!! We live in Michigan and that's about as much as we have! (But we're suppose to get bunches of snow tonite!). Stay inside...safe and warm!!!

  26. Snow in Vegas? Is you in da nip again, Fin? We nefur herd of snow in Vegas. You's pullin my whiskers, rite? Dat's a pretty fountain, all covered wif snow.
    If you want to see MORE snow, we're gettin lots startin at 9 tonite.

  27. WOW!!! That is amazing!!!!!. We saw that on the news!! The Weathergirl was surprised that some people had toques!(winter hats) heehee
    That is just too wierd :o
    Purrs Mickey

  28. First of alls I is very very happy that every body is home safe!! THAT IS MOST IMPAWTANT...
    And holey Mac Moley!!! Ifs it can snow where you are we may even have a chance next year?!?! WOWIe.. is this the new ice age???
    It is sooo puretty! You all make sure you are snuggled all together and warm and cozy! :)


  29. A snow cat Whicky! That would have been great!

  30. You get snow??? Wow! I have never seen it. Stay safe and warm, SIF, Mommy and Daddy!

  31. We could not believe when the news man said it snowed in Las Vegas. I did not realize you live there! I think you should stay inside where it is warm!

  32. Snow in Vegas? What next, snow in Hawaii??

    Snow is mighty dangerous when people aren't used to driving in it... glad you got home safe!

  33. Dang.... we live in Las Vegas too and didn't get squat. Just rain and lots of rain. And we huskies would have loved the snow!!

    WOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  34. I am totally craking up over all these cat bloggers! Who knew?! :) Maybe my kitty (Nemo) is blogging behind my back, too...

    This is such a clever idea. I love it! Thanks for stopping by! Now I'm off to check more of this kitty blog!

  35. Note to self: READ comment before posting....

    DUH Tasha!