What the Blog?

What is happening with Blogger tonight? We click on our friends links and......... wait....... and wait. Mommy is too "tired" to visit everyone as a result. She claims it has something to do with my politely requesting my morning Feast at 3:30am this morning.

Sure it was a smidge early, but I was concerned she might have listened to that quack/doctor, so I felt my cries needed to drowned out any of those thoughts in her head.

It's a big week for me too, I was named Princess of the Week for my Catster Group (came with this cool chair!), I'll be having my first post at Floof and Fur on Friday, and Mommy has been in such a posting frenzy we will be hitting 100 posts on Saturday.


  1. Dat is a cool chair...we'z awfully glad yoor mom din't lissen to dat quack. We all know dat stinky goodness is made of mostly meat, which is exactly what kitties need.

  2. 100 posts? That's very impressive!

    Congratulations on your chair, you totally deserve it.

    Huffle Mawson

  3. Congratulations Princess Fin on being a Princess of the Week. I am wondering if that fine throne is the prize? Sure looks comfy. Sure looks good with you on it.

    Room for a rotund tuxie?


  4. Congratulations, Your Highness! If I were you, I would wear the crown all the time. I think every kitty needs a chair like that.

  5. Sure it's princess? I think you should be queen! Oh Fin, mom says I'm to f**, too. They just don't know how to handle our floof, do they?
    Purrs, Siena

  6. Congrats, Fin!!! What a lot of stuff you have going on!

    You look absolutely regal on that chair. I think I like that one better than the wood one I have to park my rump on at my house!!!

    Purrs Goldie

    ps~ that ledge I was on yesterday is the "plant ledge" not the "cat ledge". Cats sometimes go on the plant one but not visa versa.

  7. Waitaminute....your mom will get up at 3:30 to feed you if you want her to?? Geez, our mom just ignores us and rolls over...we gotta do something about that!

    Hey, congrats on being named Princess and congrats on those 100 post!!

  8. Awesome! Concats on being named Princess of the Week!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  9. Congratulations! Mom was having trouble getting my blog set up last night. The spacing would go wacko on her and she couldn't upload pictures for a bit. We finally got it done.

  10. Hi Everybody!

    Prailine some of that happens to Mom everynight!

    Poor Island cats, with so many of you I can't imagine you can't her up... I'll have to give tips!

    Goldie your chair is nice, Mommy explained mine is a virtual chair?
    I hope that means it's coming soon.

    Grrreta I think the crown would get ditched pretty quick.

    Oh Whicky I would scoot over for a rotund Tuxie!!!

  11. Congrats on your cool Prince chair!

  12. Congratulations Princess Fin!
    Your chair is elegant...made for a special kitty!

  13. That is the coolest chair we have ever seen! Congratulations Princess Fin, very impressive=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  14. Just popped back 'round to tell you that Gerry has tagged you for the Sixth Photo Meme. He's just SO enthusiastic and wants the world to see his tongue!

    I apologise for him, he knows not what he does!


  15. our mommeh iz opposites. SHe werking werkin werkin no tim halp us posts. I hates mommeh.

    fanks fur comin ta our partay!

  16. Oh wowsie, Fin!!!! No doubt about that - you certainly are a princess. That chair is cooooolllll!!! Can I try it out???

  17. Ohh Fin you make a wonderful princess!!
    And even moreso I just knowz you is up to the responsibility!! :))

    PES: way to go on the 3.30am wake up :P hahahha