Monday Madness

Can you figure out the Madness in my Mancat Monday post? Check out these photos and see if you can figure it out.
Here I am taking a nap - nothing unusual here, right?

and who's this cute little fella checking my tail out?

Did you figure it out yet? Okay, okay - I'll tell you.

First it's technically not Monday yet here, second I'm a ladycat not a mancat of course, and third these photos aren't even of me. Do you know who it is? It's my mancat doppelganger Shaggy over at Little Cat Feet! I'm floofier, thanks to my Norwegian roots, but we sure do look alike. I look good as a mancat.

Hey I wonder if I can get a little pig for myself? Gweek! (that's a little Guinea Pig shout out for Toby)


  1. I thought you looked a little "Shaggy" in the pictures. You two look a lot alike. That could come in very handy if you ever do anything bad. You can blame Shaggy. Toby is really cute too.

  2. Toby sure is cute but I don't think he'd last long around here...

  3. We should be back by Christmas. The beans want to take photographs at Death Valley and then we're spending a night in Vegas on the way back.

  4. HAHAH I thought there was something a little "off" i just thought maybee you had been laying lots in the sun, My sisfur who has crossed over, her black furs used to go brown from the sun hehe
    You fool-ed me still! :))

    PES: I thinks you need a little pig or two! They are just the cuteest! :)


  5. I knew it wasn't you!!!! I am not your SIF for nothing.

    Don't forget to come over for the show. We are all at Sassy's for the grand opening night.

    Thanks, I am better and eating more. The floof masks the weight loss well but I am still skinny. Maybe it will take a while.

  6. Wow I almost couldn't tell you apart!

    Huffle Mawson

  7. No fooling me Fin I knew it wasn't you because:-

    a) I didn't faint and..
    b) Oliver didn't pass out

    Shaggy certanly is a beautiful floofmeister!


  8. That was great!! We thought you got a friend for Christmas!!!!!!

    I didn't think you would be so relaxed though if a newbie moved in!!!!

    Purrs Goldie

  9. We thought you got a new brother! Your coloring is different, too!

  10. You totally got us, Fin! You both are beautifully floofy!
    We have never had a guinea pig, but we did have a ferret once.
    ~The Creek Cats~

  11. I couldn't tell, Fin! You guys are practically twinks! And you're both very floofified!

    I didn't know GP's said "Gweek!" That's cute!

  12. Fin, we started reading your post and saw the pictures and sed...that's not Fin! So that 'spains that!

    We don't think you want a little piggy...too much competition!

  13. Oh, I would LOVE to have one of those little pigs! Does it have catnip in it?


  14. Ha ha ha ha! That was a good one, Fin! That's kind of like how JB and I look a lot alike, except I'm not a ladycat, of course.

  15. We were furry confused as to why you'd be doing a Mancat Postie, Fin!

    Why's dat fud sniffin' Shaggy's tail?

  16. I thought that did not look like your fur colors!

  17. No way, I saw it straight away that that wasn't you. I too thought you got a friend! Phew... My mom had Guinea pigs as a child and they do make very funny sounds I was told.

  18. I knew you didn't look quite youself in those pictures! Shaggy sure is a handsome floofy kitty, but not as floofy as you.

    I think a guinea pig would be fun to play with!