• A is for Angry as I was being Abducted
  • B is for Betrayed by my own father in this duplicity
  • C is for Cat Carrier which I was shoved into this afternoon
  • D is for Doctor of Veterinary who I was taken to see against my will. He claims I am just being Difficult when I refuse to eat anything but the Feast.
  • E is for Everything is fine according to him
  • F is for F-Words - one that I called the VET and one that he called me (Mother Fluffer and Fat)
  • G is for Good luck trying to get me to eat diet dry kibble again
  • H is for Heck No
  • I is for I will not be denied!

Okay I am calmed down now. I have forgiven my father and I apologize for my potty mouth. MoMo was right G is for Glad I am healthy.


  1. How rude - Difficult, Fat and diet dry kibble!!!!!

    G is for glad that there is nothing much wrong with you.

  2. Uh-oh. It doesn't sound like you had a good day.

    F is for floof, I say (never fat)! :)

  3. I agree MoMo, glad nothing is wrong with me.

    You know I would never call myself Fat Luxie.

  4. Did you get the Mother Fluffer on the scale? Maybe he needs his diet tweaked!

    I have a feeling this is not going to be pretty.

    Purrs Goldie

  5. Don't these humans realize that it's all about US? We are to be floofy and well-fed and catered to...abduction and VET-visits are not permitted!

  6. Did you poop in your crate like I did? I have it on good authority I never have to go back to the vet.

    Huffle Mawson

  7. We think you gave that VET a few good ABC's and you even minded your P's & Q's!

    LOL at Huffle! That would not work for us. Mom says she's poop-proof. ::sigh::

  8. Fat! Well, I've never! How dare he call you fat! We are glad to know that there is nothing wrong and sorry for your troubles!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  9. How HORRIBLE! I have never met this Doctor of Veterinary, but I can already tell that I don't like him!

  10. Oh Fin! This is outrageous. I am appalled by this event. I do have some extra B words that you could use if this terrible betrayal happens again. As for that F word - no way! This Vet is clearly a mud eating barbarian with no manners. Dried fuuds only? did the fool not study feline nutrition at vet school? Anyway, now you are calm again, do think about utilising that especially sharp back claw of yours on your Dad, he needs to learn that betrayal is a very serious matter.

    Rumbly purrs of sympathy


  11. Does that v-e-t not know that F stands for "FLOOF"? Definitely NOT fat and definitely NOT "Mother Fluffer"-I'll 'mother-fluffer' HIM!

    But I agree that "G" definitely stands for "Glad you are healthy", Fin!

  12. I'm glad you're healthy, Fin! And just ignore the F- word, lalalalalaaaaa...

  13. J is for Just be glad you are home now. K is for Know we are glad you're okay!

  14. Wow, Fin! We cannot believe you were put through that indignity! But we are glad you are healthy!

  15. We (Cloudy and Iago) had to go and see Dr. Bill yesterday and it was not fun at all. We is furry glad that you are all healthy!


  16. Excellent use of the alphabet in describing your stressful ordeal!!!!
    Glad you survived with a great report :)
    Purrs Mickey

  17. Sheesh, what is wif deze stoopid vets calling us "large and in charge" types 'fat'. It's rude and very very not nice. Our vet sez dat sometimes dry kibbles is what makes us fat and he is glad we like our stinky goodness.

  18. My sympathy for what must have been a very bad day! I don't blame you for going off on those letters. Good job on that!

    It's hard to remember at such times that our People really do have our best interests at heart. But we cats must rarely, if ever, admit this right away. So keep up the cattitude for just a little while longer, then be nice. That'll learn 'em!!

    Paws 'n Claws,

  19. Hi everyone, thanks for your support on this matter.

    Huffle I don't think I'd like to sit with the poop.

    Whicky I suspect he is a mud eater and doesn't know what he is talking about (see also Zippy's comments).

    Yes Goldie let's get the Mother Fluffer on the scale.

    Angus I called him Mother Fluffer.

    Daisy you are the best.

    Hi Cafe Cats nice to meet you!

    Nice to have you back Rupert!

  20. FAT!!!!! It's Floof, Floof and nothing but floof! Why can't they get that through their heads??

  21. haha they is great ABC's, what I do not get is why would the vet says you are fine then tell you to go on a diet?! the nerve!!
    Though it is good to eat the crunchies too! Momma makes me eat them, she will not give me any more food till I finish my dinners of my feats with a side of kibble.
    She says it keeps our teefs healthy, see ifs we stop using our teefs they get lazy then forgets how to eat hard foods :(


  22. He called you fat? How dare he!We're glad you are healthy.