Cat-O-Lympics - Strong Cat

Bob: Well Jim we're back for the Strong Cat competition.

Jim: That's right Bob. I understand one of the youngest catletes in the games is a competitor in this event too!

Bob: Yes Jim, you're right. Kitten Quill is going head to head with a veteran in the sport, the power player Huffle Mawson! Tell me about the rules-

Jim: Bob, there are no rules, but the the guidelines of the Strong Cat competition are the catlete needs to be caught while holding up an object greater than themselves. Looks like the veteran is first to take the arena...

Bob: Look at that impressive showing Jim!

Jim: That wall looks heavy Bob! And look at the style points... with the sun in her eyes too!

Bob: Kitten Quill is ready to show his first effort...

Jim: Well that is very impressive! He's got a low center of gravity and -

Bob: Holy Cod Jim! He seems to have flipped over... and is that a two-paw hold?!

Jim: It is Bob! But I understand he looses some points due to the Mr Tail assist. I understand Mr Tail is a real paw-ful! Looks like Huffle isn't going to let this challenge lying down...

Jim: I was wrong Bob! Huffle is taking on the challenge laying down!!

Bob: It's a one-paw hold with no tail assist at all Jim!! I think we have a clear winner!

Bob: (Inaudible)

Jim: ::Cover mic and whispers:: Bob, did you just squee?

Producer: Gentlemen let's keep this professional.

Bob: ::Clears throat:: The judges have completed their review and in true Fin_land fashion, both catletes are winning gold!


  1. Of course Huffle is a veteran at these Strong events, and has done an excellent job. Quill, for such a young catlete, is outstanding. On a relative weight basis, that wall is extremely heavy. Well done!

  2. Whoa...that was some pawsomely fierce competitin. We appawld Quill for trying so hard against such a clearly strong competitor!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  3. Huffle is so good at this event, but we can see Quill is already quite skilled, too! Great showing!!!

  4. Wow! That was quite the competition!!!

  5. "Bob, did you just squee?" I laughed so hard I almost choked on the water I was drinking!

  6. That was a close competition! (extra points given here fur cuteness we think)

  7. Whoa, what a tough one!

    Extra points to Bob for *possibly* squeeing. Hahahaha!

    As always, THANK YOU for starting our human's day off right. :-)

  8. now just leave Bob alone, he's my favorite...

    Heya buddy Quill!

    high paw 4!

  9. Very strong showing for both cataletes!

  10. Oh that was the best event so far.Oh Quill what a good job you did for sure. And so did Huffle. We are so glad that you both got Gold. We think Bob and Jim should get a Gold too. This is so much fun.

  11. Quill wins by a whisker and a squee!!

  12. I won a gold medal! I am so excited! It was an excellent competition; congratulation young Quill on a brilliant effort in your first Olympics.

  13. That was a very hard fought competition. Both contestants are worthy of the gold.

  14. I was breathless!! Although the competition was fierce the best two cats won!
    Kozmo at the Cat From Hell