Cat-O-Lympics - Wrestling Part 4

Bob: That's great news Jim! Let's get back to the call! First up we have Eric and Flynn of Two Devon Cats. Wait, it's two ginger boys...

Jim: It's okay Bob, I'm told they have distinctive markings...

Bob: Well it looks like ginger with the stripey tail has the other ginger pinned!

Jim: And the stripey tail has the upper paw!

 Bob: Uh oh. I don't see the tails...

Jim: Dear Cod they both have stripey tails!

 Bob: Okay one has a stripey-er tail, and he appears to be on top, but the one on the bottom is fighting back!

Jim: Looks like they're dancing now... let's just call it a draw and move on to the next match.

Bob: Great idea Jim. Next up we have Nicki and Derry of Fuzzy Tails. ::Covers mic:: Jim! They're both tabbies!

Jim: Looks like the one on top has the one on the bottom in a three-paw hold!

Bob: Oh boy, now they're on their side...

Jim: Look! One of them has a darker stripey tail! I think the lighter stripes is going for gold!

Bob: Wait I think the darker stripey one is fighting back! Look at that back paw action!

Jim: Oh yeah! The dark stripes connects to the light stripe, but it looks like light stripe hits back!

Bob: I think the light stripe has this match paws down!! ::Rustles papers:: I believe that is Derry!

Jim: Well it's been a hard call Bob! Looks like this is the last event here at Fin-Land.

Bob: It sure has been great Jim! I hope we don't have to wait till the next Cat-O-Lympics to come back!


  1. Wow, more matched sets! Tough to call, but you guys did great!

  2. I am always exhausted after watching this event!

  3. Jim, Bob, these two pairs are some of our favorites! You did a pawsome job commentating fur our furriends. (purrs to Quill)

  4. Woooo! We love these Cathletes! What amazing wrestling matches!!!

  5. So enjoying the Cat-O-Lympics! Maybe Norton and Ralphie can participate next year. (My two black cats.)

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  7. We are glad we are only the catletes and not the commentators. That looks far harder. Great match from Nicki and Derry too.

  8. Super match from Eric and Flynn, loved Jim and Bob's comments!

    It was fun to compete -- but our human ought to have sent pics snapped in the shade, that would have made it easier for Jim and Bob to distinguish us. LOL.

    Thanks for making our mom laugh out loud!!

  9. Amazing how the commentators can tell the difference!! Excellent work guys!! ;)

  10. That was a rather exhausting event but so much fun to watch. We need to think of reasons to get Bob and Jim back. This was great fun. Best part of the Olympics. Take care.

  11. Totally mesmerizing! It's amazing how long two cats can wrestle.

  12. This made us laugh! Good job, Jim and Bob! And great wrestling, Eric, Flynn, Derry and Nicki!

  13. I am sad that the Cat-Olympics are finished. This was my first year but I am amazed at our catheletes. I must enter mine next year. I will be sure to have the identical ones wrestle because trying to figure out where one starts and the other ends is half the fun!
    Thanks Meg and Quill for hosting!

  14. All you boys did great. It would be hard to choose.