Cat-O-Lympics - Wrestling 1

Jim: We're back to call the Wrestling event. This has proven to be the biggest competition here at Fin-Land. The next four days are going to be devoted to this exciting event. Let's get right to the action! First up in the Solo Wrestling category is Katie of Glogirly.

 Bob: I had no idea wrestling could be a solo sport Jim! Looks like Katie is wrestling with her little pink pillow, ah that's so cute!

Jim: Anyone who knows Katie knows cute is not in her vocabulary Bob, she's a deadly competitor! Next up we have Odin and Domino from Cat Wisdom 101.

Bob: Look at Odin giving Domino that upper-cut to the head with a roll!

Jim: An impressive showing! Next up we have Tommy, a doglete, wrestling with catlete Genji of The Poupounette!

Bob: An inter-species match Jim? I think we all know how this is going to turn out!

Jim: I wouldn't be so sure Bob!

Bob: Naturally, Tommy is taking the early lead here! Looks like he's gonna swallow Genji!

Jim: Oh My Cod! Little Genji has Tommy in a two-paw headlock!

Bob: I didn't see that coming Jim!

Jim: Looks like Genji has Tommy down to the mat! It's a clear victory for the fierce little catlete!

Bob: Now we have two young catletes, Sweet Mahoney the tabby and the Feisty Two Two the black and white from Marg's Pets.

Jim: I understand Mahoney suffered an injury to her back legs recently and has been taking it easy from wrestling as she recovers. These photos were taken prior to her injury.

Bob: We have a recent report that she is recovering well, but I'd like to take a moment to offer purrs for her speedy return to the sport. ::Inaudable::

Jim: ::Covers Mic:: Are you purring Bob? Cause for humans it's really more of an implied purring, rather than actual purring.

Bob: ::Covers mic:: I just really want to the little one to get better...

Jim: Right. Of course.

Jim and Bob: Ppppppppppppuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Bob: I think that will help, now on to the action! Mahoney starts strong with a bite to Two Two's back paw. 

Jim: Looks like Two Two is fighting back with a chomp to the elbow and a bunny-kick to the cheek!

 Bob: And Two Two pins Sweet Mahoney to the sofa with a two-paw hold!!

Jim: With that open jaw I think we have to call this one for Two Two!! Oh it was a great match Bob! Can't wait till tomorrow!

Note: Looks like Jim and Bob are getting out - our new friends at Four White Paws have a Jim and Bob tribute.


  1. That was quite a competition! I know, seeing this, Tinker would just love to wrestle with Anastasia :)


  2. Oh, we just loved that about the implied purring!

  3. Purring! For Mahoney is really Man Catly!
    Good for you guys Bob and Jim!
    Kozmo at the Cat From Hell

  4. Wow! We love a great wrasslin' match...and today we've seen four!!

  5. Great competitors!

    How did we miss this event??? MOOOOOMMMMMM!

  6. MOWZERS! We're on pins & needles over here!

  7. Excellent sportsmanship and excellent commentating, Bob and Jim!

  8. Thanks for the pointers! I can see why I've not made the olympics this year! Will go work on my canine nose hold!

  9. Oh, our very favourite event! Loved the entrants so far, can't wait for more tomorrow!

    We'll add our purrs for Mahoney too, of course!

  10. What an exciting rough and tumble Event! Such determination and strength displayed by the competitors! Hope there was a spa nearby for them to relax all those muscles! Great play by play commentary Jim and Bob! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  11. Wowsers....It's only Monday and wittle me is already all pooped out after watching dis! :o)

  12. Excellent competition and you can tell the competitors are dedicated to their sport. I'm an only cat so Mom didn't think we could pawticipate...Dag gone it Mom should have thought to submit one of me wrestling with my stuffies.
    Hugs Madi
    Hostess of Gymnastics

  13. Those lady cats from Marg's Pets must have been taking lessons from the mancats there - they are two serious competitors.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Wow, what a start to what has to be an exciting event! Cant wait to see more!

  15. Some mighty exciting wrestling action, especially that last set with Mahoney and Two Two - i can't wait to see who takes home the gold!

    Indeed Jim and Bob paid me a visit and offered to commentate a few wrestling matches right here in my living room! So, I made some room for them on the couch and enjoyed the show! You can find all the action here: http://www.fourwhitepaws.net/2012/08/thursday-night-championship-tussling.html

  16. Those are some mighty good wrestling matches. Mahoney says a big thanks for the purrs, real or not. She is much much better. Bob and Jim you were terrific again. We are going over to see four white paws. Good job everyone.

  17. We always imagined Jim & Bob as HUMAN commentators! Now we realize they are cats. hmmmm, must revise mental image...

  18. Excellent competition furends! They definately all deserve a Gold Medal.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. Great wrestling matches! Jim and Bob just keep getting better with their commentaries. We loved their purring for Mahoney, and in future when our purrs are needed, we have told our mum she can purr along with us too.

  20. Who knew wrestling could be so much fun!

  21. Fantastic event. Those cats sure can wrestle! We never get close enough to a cat to try it! Cats just do the hundred yard dash when they see us, dunno why.

    Again, great commentary, guys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  22. So this what our boys Odin & Domino do while mom's blogging ;-) So, who won gold?

  23. hahaha! I missed this one!
    Jim is SO right. Katie doesn't do cute.
    ; )