Cat-O-Lympics - Breaking News

Jim: We have breaking news today Bob! Seems Kitten Quill has been accused of using growth supplements!!

Bob: That's right Jim, in a shocking accusation, somecat has questioned how a four-month-old kitten could be almost six pounds after his Strong Cat weigh-in.

Jim: Six pounds! Now that's a big kitten Bob! Let's get a comment from his Strong Cat competitor Huffle.

Huffle: I had my suspicions, but I thought it was the Mr Tail assist. I just don't think it's possible...

Bob: Let's go to Quill for his comments on these shocking allegations.

Quill: I'm just big-boned. I only eat my kibble and a few treats... and yes I nibble on my humans, but they're calorie-free.

Mom (Quill's Trainer and Mom): Quill is just a big boy. There's no doping involved!

Bob: Looks like he's been cleared!

Jim: ::Whispering:: Is it true that Quill is going into the Vet tomorrow for his "Fixing"?

Quill: What? I'm not broken!

Mom: ::Whispers:: Yes it's true, please keep our sweet, big boy in your purrs tomorrow.


  1. Oh Quill, cover your gold, quick! Purrs to you pal!

  2. Quill, we would never for one minute suspect you of using banned substances!
    We are purring for you when you get fixed. You will come home a little bit lighter than when you went.

  3. Six pounds already, Quill?! Wow!

    But what's considered a banned substance? Surely not nip or silvervine or valerian!

    Purrs for tomorrow's snipping!

  4. Dear Quill,

    It's close to being painless. And things are much less fraught afterwards. Take it from one who's been there.

    Tuck (with Lizzie & 2 other kitties)

  5. Quill, you mean you are the same age I was when my human brought me home and already you weigh as much or possibly MORE than I do NOW! Wow.

    I will be purring for you tomorrow... but don't worry, I am sure you will be fine!

  6. You are a big kitten! We are sorry to hear about the big snip. We will purr for you :)

  7. Quill!
    You've been misinformed! Humans are NOT calorie-free! Could this be the source of your weight gain?

    I think the skinnier ones might be low-calorie, but I can't be sure.

    Take care,
    Mr. Black

  8. Oh Quill! We can't believe it's that time already. We'll be purring for you. Trust us...it really is no big deal.

    Wally & Ernie

  9. SIX POUNDS!?! Sir, you are dense. And we mean that in the nicest possible way.

    Purrs for the fixing procedure! Please keep us all posted.

  10. Well thank COD!!! The last thing we need is another doping scandal! Good luck at the you-know-what tomorrow, Quill. Remember, if they try too hard to fix you, you just fix em right back!
    ; ) Katie

  11. 6 pounds? That's what Star weighs and she's 13 years old! Of course, she's just a little tiney lady cat and Quill is obviously going to be a big boy cat! Maybe like Leo who I swear has six extra vertibres in his back he's so long.. And twice Star's weight!
    We're purring for your fixing tomorrow Quill!

  12. Oh no! Not already! (he's 6 mos already?) Poor sweet Quill, we'll purr very hard fur you tomorrow. XOXOXOXOXO

  13. You are going to be a big boy, Quill. We are a year old and we only weigh 6 pounds.

    Good luck on your "fixing" tomorrow. We'll be purring for a quick recovery.

  14. Quill we will purr like crazy for you. Figaro said to tell you that once you are fixed, you join the "club"...whatever that means....

    Nigel has hopes you'll be as big a boy as he is...16 pounds of solid hunk o mancat! Someday my furriend.

  15. I hope everything goes well for him.


    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  16. My goodness, he is turning into a lovely lovely (I mean handsome) boy.

  17. 6lbs at 4 months! Woo hoo!
    I am just 4.6lbs and I'm 6.5 months! Then again, I'm a lady. :)
    I got "fixed" at noon today and am now home, doing fine, albeit a little sleepy and grumpy.
    We'll all be sending you purrs, Quill!

    Love, Tutu

  18. Oh, is it that time already? You really are growing up.

  19. We can't believe how quickly the time goes by but we will be purring our furry butts off for you today, Quill!

  20. Of course Quill is not enhanced by illegal substances!!! The very idea! He is a big boy though. Ouch! in advance for tomorrow, little buddy >^..^<

  21. What a big, handsome boy/mancat you are! Purrs for tomorrow.

  22. Six? wow, you are going to be a big boy when you grow up..

    Purrs for tomorrow.. You might not be broken, but there is always room for improvement. :)

    *chin scritches* it will be OK

  23. Laurie and the "Girls"August 8, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    You won't remember a thing Quill! Keeping you in our Purrs! What a big kitty you are! Are you part Maine Coon Kitty? Have a great day and please post an update to let us know how your feeling!

  24. You're very solid, Quill. Must have heavy leg bones!

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  26. WE sure do send you tons and tons of purrs for your big surgery. And you are just going to be a big kitty, all the more for Mom to love. We will be thinking about you.Take care.

  27. Quill, we'll be purring fur you. You're gonna be a handsome big mancat one day.

  28. No way!! Holy Cod Quill, *I* only weigh like 7 pounds and I'm like...way older than you!

    Maybe when you come home today you will be like 4 lbs lighter given the vet took your big brass...er... nevermind. You're too young to hear that.

    rest well sweet prince!

    Ms. Stella O'houligan