Cat-O-Lympics - Wrestling Part 2

Jim: It's another exciting day of action at the wrestling event. Let's get right to the action Bob! First up we have... wait it looks like all of today's entries are Furries of Whisppy.

Bob: It's a busy place over there! Let's get right to the action! First up we have Cosmo and Ling!

Jim: Looks like Ling discovered somecat lurks under that little blanket.

Bob: Oh Cosmo isn't taking that lying down! Whap with the Paw of Doom!

 Jim: Oh! It's a gut check to Ling! Looks like this round goes to Cosmo. Next up we have Meow-Me and Felix!

Bob: Holy Cod Jim!! Look at that action shot! I believe that is Meow-Me going in for the first attack!

Jim: Felix is fighting back, but I think Meow-Me is ready to wrestle him down!

Jim: Looks like Meow-Me has Felix down to the mat!

 Bob: Felix has managed a two-paw hold! I think Felix is the clear winner! ::Covers mic:: I think it's Meow-Me, they kinda look similar in these rounds, don't they Jim?

Jim: ::Covers mic:: Yeah they do looks like these next ones are a little easier.

Bob: Now we have Felix and Coco. After winning that last match looks like Felix is ready to take on a new competitor!

Jim: Felix has Coco pinned in a classic belly hold!

Bob: Coco fights back with a four-paw push back!

Jim: Coco gives Felix a back-paw kicker with a Paw Of  Doom to the head!

Bob: Looks like this round may be a draw, both competitors have the other in a head-lock with a two-paw bunnykick. The next round is between Felix and Boomer!

Jim: Boomer goes in hard! But look at the Jaws and Claws maneuver by Felix!!

Bob: Sounds like some classic smack-talk. Good thing there are no mics on the floor. Heh, heh.

Jim: Boomer has Felix down in a full body pin!! Looks like this round is going to go to Boo-

 Bob: No!! Felix is fighting back with a bunnykick and a double Paw Of Doom! I think Felix is the winner!! It's been a full day of action Jim! I understand there is breaking news tomorrow and then we'll be back the following day for more wrestling action!


  1. Nope they are the tops.. would I come between Frankie de tabby and the catflap NO WAY !
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  2. Oh my goodness, I am exhausted just watching!

  3. Can't imagine what it is like to be a cat living in that house! Constant wrestling matches!

  4. Thsoe were great wrestling mathces. Going to be difficult to detrermine a winner in one match especially.

  5. Oh my----look at all that! Fierce and ferocious competition...hey, wait--let me go get my catnip--I gotta see the rest!

  6. Wow! Those cats really know how to wrassle!

  7. WHOA!!! that is SOME play-by-play!!! And all from ONE house of kitties?! I'm going to have to spar with black cat and red dog if I'm gong to keep up with these guys!

    Breaking news, huh? ....curiosity is now officially peaked!

    ; ) Katie

  8. Oh! My Goodness! all of this has made me feels fainty...

  9. Wow! Those kittehz are purrfessionals! Hard to tell who might just be the winner, Jim and Bob.

  10. Pawsome action! Such exciting matches! Wahoo! Y'all are FAB! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  11. Great wrestling matches! That Felix certainly has a lot of stamina.

  12. Wow, what amazing wrestling! We can't hope to come close to their expertise!

  13. I stumbled across this, and it amused me, but I feel out of place leaving a comment because my picture or blog isn't about cats!

  14. What expert wrasslers you are there - we are quite worn out watching those exciting bouts. Thank goodness we are not the judges.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Bob and Jim, you got it right with Meow-Me and Felix! Good job!
    That picture of Meow-Me torpedo-ing at Felix makes Mommy laugh all the time.

  16. Those are some mighty good wrestlers. You are so right, they are very busy over there. They sure do a good job at the wrestling. And good job Bob and Jim. Take care.

  17. Great wrestling moves! Good job.

    Quill, we gave you an award today. Drop by when you can to pick it up.

  18. Think Felix won on points - claw points!

  19. Wow, what a houseful of rassling romping cats! Love the play by play, and that first action shot is hilarious.

  20. OMCod! That first shot of Meow Me & Felix is PAWS DOWN the best, funniest CATion shot of the CENTURY!!! The dreaded 'Flying Attack Monorail' move and utter surprise on the victims face is priceless!

    This must be framed!

    That Woman
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan