Cat-O-Lympics - Cat Tree Gymnastics 2

Bob: Well Jim here we are for day two of the action for the big Cat Tree Gymnastics event! Today's finals are expected to be quite exciting!

Jim: That's right Bob! Let's get right to the call! First up we have Coco from the Curls and Swirls Furry Dance Cats.

Bob: Looks like Coco is starting with a roll maneuver!

Jim: Yes Bob, the degree of difficulty is hard with the curved sides of the tree apparatus. Looks like she's reaching for the bottom rung on this uneven tree.

Bob: Look at that extension Jim!

Jim: Oh My Cod Bob! It's a pawstand! Look at the straight vertical lines! What and impressive showing!! Looks like our next catlete, Zoey of The Island Cats,  is ready to show off her handstand too!

Jim: Look at the degree of difficulty as she pauses mid-maneuver to give the judges jazz-paws.

 Bob: Wait. A. Minute Jim! Is that a tail grab!?

Jim: Dear Cod Bob it is!! She is really pulling out the style points!

Bob: Look at that Jim! She appears to be going for another round!

Jim: I think you’re right Bob! Look at the determined set of those ears. This kitty means business. Looks like she is trying for ANOTHER mid-handstand tail grab!

Bob: Oh Jim what a disappointment! She just missed it!

Jim: That could throw a less experienced catlete, but Zoey is a pro! Is she gonna stick the landing?

Bob: Yes!! She has done it! A double pawstand with a tail grab and she sticks the landing!

Jim: Thank Cod all the Cat Tree Catletes are winning Gold here at Fin-Land!!

P.S. Zoey has not been feeling her best so let's give this little catlete some e-purrs.


  1. Such gold winners!!!!!! Purrs to Zoey too.

  2. Wowwee!! I won the gold!! I'm so excited!!

    Oh yeah...I'm starting to feel better now...the lady with the yellow hair is giving me lots of water with my foods and it's making me pee much better.


  3. Wow! What spectacular medalist! I love each and every one!

  4. Once again Jim and Bob have outdone themselves along with the catletes pawticipating. They all deserve a big round of appawlause!

  5. Wow, those are some talented athletes. Great event!

    Loveys Sasha

  6. Wow, absolutely incredible! Definitely gold medal entries.

    Thanks to Jim and Bob for staring our human's day off with a big smile!

  7. *GASPS* But the tail grab manoeuvre has been illegal since that nasty incident in Barcelona!!!! There was a right stink!

    Purrs for Zoey xox

  8. Purrs to Zoey - what a great purrformance.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Gold medal action and gold medal commentary!

    Will the Olympic Committee be investigating Zoey for the possible use of performance enhancing pheromones? The evidence in the pictures is very incriminating. I sure hope nothing becomes of that because Zoey's performance was stunningly amazing. The way she landed the tail grab was the icing on the cake.

    Jim & Bob's delightful commentary inspired my recent post over at fourwhitepaws. Thanks for hosting a great Cat Tree Gymnastics competition!

  10. That was the best so far. Well done Jim and Bob and we sure do wish Zoey the best. Sending her lots of purrs.

  11. Wow!!! I think I need a nap just looking at the pictures!! What amazing catletes!! Catulation to the winners...amazing feats of daring. :)

  12. Wow! Those are some amazing cat tree gymnastics!

  13. I do worry some that Zoey was able to almost grab that tail...how could she get such extension with her front leg and paw..hmmm...maybe there is something to performance enhancing nip???? just sayin'...High paws to the winners

  14. Wow! Both Coco and Zoey are two of the most amazing catletes we have seen.

  15. Good thing they're both winners cos I certainly couldn't decide.

  16. Me loves the announcing in dis ebent, it certainly added to the eggcitement to knows what the technical names of what the kitties was doing.
    Me agrees, they is both winners!

  17. Different breed of cats are everywhere. I like the black and white cat which join Cat Tree Gymnastics 1. Looks like they make it.