Cat-O-Lympics - Wrestling Part 3

Bob: Well Jim it's another exciting day of Wrestling action! First up we have Iza and Ayla from Mark's Mews.

Bob: Funny they look kinda similar, it's Iza on the left pushing back Ayla!

Jim: Ayla hits back with a smacky-paw to the head. I think this looks like a draw to me!

Bob: Next up we have... oh look it's two white cats wrestling... Snowball putting the big bitey on Norm from Cats of the Wildcat Woods.

Jim: That sure is a big bitey Bob! Next up we have Shiloh and Shasta from BeagleBratz our only dogletes in the wrestling event! ::Rustles papers:: And it's ::Rustles papers again:: Shiloh, er, no, it's Shasta on top with a head-lock on Shiloh.

Bob: Is that a pumpkin assist? ::Covers mic:: Seriously, is it just me or do all the wrestlers look more and more alike Jim?

Jim: ::Covers mic:: No, it's funny. Who set up these matches?

Producer:: Gentlemen we still have one more match for today.

Jim: Right, right. Oh it looks like we have kitten catletes Alpheus and his brother Maron from The Kitty Party! Let's keep the squeeing down, right Bob?

Bob: Right Jim...Uh oh, er, it's two black kittens.

Jim: Oh my, um, Alpheus  is on the left and Maron on the right. Looks like Alpheus has his paw raised for an unsuspecting attack.

 Bob:  Oh and Alpheus goes all in!

Jim: Looks like Maron didn't see it coming!

 Bob: And... the little black kitten has the other little black kitten pinned!!

Jim: And the little black kitten wins!!! We'll be back for the final day of Wrestling tomorrow!


  1. Oh My Goodness! The wrestling is just getting more and more exciting! Me is breathless with anticipations!

  2. I just love watching kittens wrestle. Such fun.

  3. Oh wow! How is anyone going to compete with those adorable little black kittens?

  4. Twin synchronized wrestling? wow! I don't envy Bob and Jim trying to call that one!

  5. Hahaha! Love the TWIN wrestling event! MOL!

  6. Ha! Hilarious! It really was like watching almost-twins. :-D

    No wonder Jim and Bob got a little bit...unsettled for a moment!

  7. We think Jim and Bob should get a bonus for trying to tell the catletes apart. The standard is very high.