Hello everyone, Fin's Mom here. I've hijacked the blog to report this "Things that make you go hmm" moment.

We left Fin alone overnight on Thanksgiving while we went to my in-laws home in California. Friday morning I awoke at 5:30am to the sound of a cat meowing loudly outside my guest room window (auditory hallucination or an actual cat - I couldn't tell).

I was settling back to sleep at 6am I was awoken by an alarm of an "ocean" sound which sounded oddly enough like a combo of a purr and a grumbling tummy. I was unable to turn it off (even with the lights on), all I could find was snooze. So it went off every ten minutes till I finally figured it out at 6:30am. Coincidence? I mean if she can go to Finland on a magic carpet is it so hard to imagine it was all her doing?

(Twilight Zone music plays, Fin purrs happily and I think she winked)

PS: Fin's belly up napping is featured on kittybellys.com


  1. Oh, you never know - I was overnighting at my parents' house 2 hours down the road and could have sworn I heard Elizabeth meowing. (I missed her.) Happiest of late Thanksgiving wishes to Fin and Fin's mommy and all Fin relatives!

  2. Hahahahaha!!!! NEVER underestimate a kitty's power!!!

    Pssst, Fin SIF, glad you learnt something from the Carpet genii and put it to good use.

    To Fin's mom :
    What, what??? I didn't say anything.
    [sniggers and winkies to Fin]

  3. Cats are very clever. I'm just sayin'...

    Huffle Mawson

  4. This is a sign that Fin has trained you properly. Waking up at that time has become embedded in your brain.

    Very well done Fin, what a great form of remote control!


    PS: Top quality belly shots on KBs!

  5. Ahhh yes. When the PM sleeps away from the wee ones, she wakes up hearing "Mama!" all the time!

  6. Hahaha! Very good training, Fin! Furry floofy belly shots. And I don't think 11 makes you a senior kitizen - you're at your best age!

  7. We think Fin missed you as much as you missed her!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. We have tried to keep our teleporting ability a secret....

  9. Jah, methinks Fin teleported over to be with you!

    ~ Spooky The Cat

    I know...I know. When we leave Spooky overnight or in the care of a sitter, we hear her purring or feel her walking across us during the night! Eerie, isn't it?

    ~ Treater

  10. Cats have many mystical powers, so we would not doubt anything! :)

  11. Something to make you go hhhmmm. Fin's belly is soooooo floofy!

  12. I enjoyed the belly shots Fin, thanks for sharing. I'm glad your people have returned home safely.
    Auntie Jen

  13. Way to go, Fin! You have strong powers.

  14. She wanted to make sure that you felt guilty for leaving her home alone! ;o)

  15. I wouldn't doubt that Fin was responsible for making sure that you got your early wake-up call. She even made it sound like a purr and tummy grumbling just to remind you of her.

    Fin, I visited kittybellys.com and gave you five stars and a belly rub...I hope I wasn't being too presumptuous rubbing your belly without asking, but you are pretty irresistible.

  16. Fin you amaze us!
    And the Kitty Belly site is neat! We didn't know about it! How cool you made it on there!

  17. hehehe, Fin! That's furry kool! And ya know what, Momma hears us and sees us sometimes when we're somewheres else. She calls 'em Cat-lucinations, but we're really tellyporting (ssshhh, don't tell her!).

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  18. Yup, Mommy has had the same thing happen when she travels. I'm not giving up any secrets tho...

  19. We always activate the spy netwerk when our beans go to Catifornia. Dis time, our Calico spy greeted dem durin a walk, a naybor spy made sure Mom's hearin still catches MEOW, an A. Nonymouse Tabby hid in plane site to monitor Mom's puter activities.
    Nice job, Fin!
    PS Mom always checks hotel lalarm clucks to make sure they's OFF. Nofin like da midnite hip-hop lalarm to spoil a good nite's sleep.

  20. Oh Fin! I need to try that when my mom leaves me like she did last night.

    Mom: Many times I when I am out of town, I wake up and think Praline is in the room with me.

  21. Do do do do....Up ahead, it's a signpost...yes, we haf majikal powers. Like da ones dat tell all da outside cats where to get food and shelter (without becomeing our brofurs and sisfurs).

  22. Fin ... What DON'T moms get about teleporting?!? Don't they realize that teleporting is how we get to go to so many parties an' house-trashings?

  23. My People leave me alone for a day or two, also.

    I always give them MAJOR cattitude when they come back.

    (Even though I like being alone once in a while -- it gives me a chance to sleep without being interrupted!)

    Paws 'n Claws,

  24. And your question is? ::Angus is winkin' at Fin!::

  25. Ooh, that's very mysterious. Way to go, Fin! :)

  26. Of course it was Fin's doing, we are sure about it!

  27. Hi everyone! I've taken back over the blog, seems we cats have our own special ways to make our needs know, even at a distance. Wink

  28. hahaha Momma has been reading lots of books and it says in lots of how us kittehs talk telepathically and that not to worry when you are gone because a kitteh can "tune in" and see through your eyes etc...
    They even say if you practice and concentrate long and hard enough you will be able to talk to us kittehs...
    They say that when we communicate we do it through sensations, like smells, sounds and pictures. So this ties in very well :)
    Fin is a very clever kitteh and you (Momma) must hold a special bond :))